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11 New American Coronavirus Cases Confirmed


American Coronavirus Cases who were being monitored at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, tested positive for the virus. They were travelers who came to Omaha from the cruise ship in Japan.

All 13 were tested after they came to Omaha on Monday after being withdrawn from the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked off the coast of Japan.

UMNC said in a report that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention verified the Nebraska Public Health Lab results revealing that 11 of the 13 American cases have the novel coronavirus.

The other two cruise ship coronavirus Americans evacuees who were taken to the Omaha hospital tested negative, the report affirmed Thursday.

Three of the American Coronavirus Cases are being housed in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, and 10 are lodging in the separate National Quarantine Unit in the Davis Global Center near 42nd and Emile Streets.

The CDC confirmed the test results done Monday by the Nebraska Public Health Lab, the clinical partner of the University of Nebraska Medical Center said in a news release.

11 of 13 American Coronavirus Cases in Omaha tested positive
National Public Radio

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They are new American Coronavirus Victims

Two patients tested negative for the disease, however, they will remain in quarantine.

“We currently have ten people in the National Quarantine Unit while three are in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit,” the hospital announced. “Most of our guests aren’t showing symptoms of the disease, however, several others are exhibiting minor symptoms.”

The Americans who are being controlled and treated in Omaha were passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was anchored off the coast of Japan during the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Upon their arrival Monday morning for the start of a 14-day quarantine time, UNMC announced some of the American cases claimed to have tested positive for the virus. Each was tested by UNMC’s team, but those results were not available until Thursday.

The hospital had announced that the patients had tested positive in Japan but some “came with a lack of clarity what their test results were,” Shelly Schwedhelm reported. Schwedhelm is the UNMC/Nebraska Medical Executive Director of Emergency Management and Biopreparedness who has clinical oversight of the quarantine and biocontainment units.

Many people are showing minor indications but others are not showing any symptoms, the release stated.

Bert Kelly, a CDC spokesperson, that the agency has confirmed the results, bringing the total of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States to 26.

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Passengers from the Cruise ship in Japan

Meantime, 57 Americans who have spent the past 14 days in a separate quarantine at Camp Ashland completed their final health checks Thursday morning.

With a clean bill of health, they hugged and took selfies with health care workers at the camp and began catching commercial flights for home.

There is no connection between the 57 migrants who came from Wuhan, China and the 13 evacuated from the ship.

The 57 passengers, all of whom came to Omaha on Feb. 7 from the Wuhan area, are headed to spots across the country, from Seattle to New York, stated Joe Smith, a spokesperson with the federal CDC.

The US Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness Response inquired UNMC early Monday to take in 13 cases who had either tested positive or had a high probability of examining positive, for the new coronavirus.

About a quarter of the 57 had traveled out of Omaha’s Eppley Airfield by late Thursday morning. Almost all were to be gone by Thursday night; the remainder will run out Friday.

At Camp Ashland, a Nebraska National Guard camp about 30 miles southwest of Omaha, they were monitored two times a day and have had no symptoms of the coronavirus.

“We started out with 57 healthy people,” Smith stated, “and that’s what we ended up with.”

In 2014, UNMC, fortunately, treated three victims with Ebola, and the medical facility can handle other highly contagious illnesses such as SARS, monkeypox and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

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