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Boston Dynamics’ Robots Dance in a Scary Perform for New Year


Reactions from the public were completely mixed after a scary and incredible video of Boston Dynamics’ robots dance to ‘Do You Love Me’ for New Year was released!

a scary and incredible video of Boston Dynamics' robots dance to 'Do You Love Me' for New Year was released
Image source: KnowTechie

Boston Dynamics who is the Massachusetts company known for its stunning work in robotics released the footage on Tuesday of its famous robot collection boogieing to The Contours’ 1962 R&B hit “Do You Love Me?

The two minute and 53-second video shows off Boston Dynamics’ robots climbing stairs, jumping onto blocks, or carrying heavy objects, but the latest clip involves the crew showing off their famous dance moves.

Boston Dynamics

The impressive performance featured the humanoid Atlas, dog-inspired Spot, and box-moving Handle, all of which move with unsettling precision in the approximately 3-minute routine.

It went viral when it was posted on Twitter by Reza Zadeh, a technology executive, and machine learning expert, who announced that the dance made the robots “less intimidating.”

Social Media’s Reactions to Boston Dynamics Robots Dance

Soon after the video releasing, many are saying the robots are better dancers than humans, and social media users were so impressed and

Even SpaceX boss and somewhat King of the Internet Elon Musk was left in awe after seeing the clip and shared his excitement on Twitter, writing, ‘This is not CGI.’

Also comments on the YouTube video, which has been viewed above 470 thousand times since being posted Tuesday evening, are impressed by the machine’s abilities.

Some Twitter users welcomed Boston Dynamics’ dancing robot masters with open arms. Others will possibly need a lot more convincing.

What do we know about Boston Dynamics?

Boston Dynamics was formed in 1992 as a spin-off from the premier Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was then bought by the X division of Alphabet in 2013, before going to Softbank in 2017. Earlier this month, the company was purchased by car giant Hyundai for $1.1 billion.

The firm has since been working tirelessly to create life-like, powerful and strong robots designed for the commercial industry.

Nonetheless, Boston Dynamics’ typical research is centered on making its machines tough, flexible, and able to stand on their own two feet, or four, but the latest video ‘Do You Love Me’ shows a celebratory side of the robotics firm.

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