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General Charles G Boyd’s Death Comes after Lung Cancer


Details of Charles G Boyd’s death have been shared by his son, Dallas Boyd. Read till the end of the article to find out all the details surrounding Charles G Boyd’s death cause.

General Charles G Boyd's Death Comes after Lung Cancer
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Four-star general of the United States Air Force and the fighter pilot during the Vietnam War sadly passed away on March 23, 2022.

Charles G Boyd’s cause of death was confirmed as complications from lung cancer.

Boyd was a highly decorated fighter pilot who served in Vietnam and was the only Vietnam War prisoner of war to reach the four-star rank.

His final Air Force assignment was as deputy commander in chief, U.S. European Command, Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany.

In 1995, the general retired from the Air Force and had remained active in the national security realm. Boyd was a member of the guiding coalition of the Project on National Security Reform.

He was vice commander of Strategic Air Command’s 8th Air Force, commander of Air University, with headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and director of plans at Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

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Charles G Boyd’s Death Breaks Many Hearts

Charles G Boyd’s death cause was reported as complications from lung cancer, according to his son, Dallas Boyd. May he rest in peace.

Charles Graham Boyd was born in Rockwell City, Iowa, U.S. on April 15, 1938, and grew up working on his family’s farm. His father paid for him to take a 15-minute flight on a crop duster at the age of 7. It was his first plane ride and transformed an interest into an obsession.

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The General was commissioned as a second lieutenant through the aviation cadet program in 1960 and served in a variety of assignments in the Pacific, Europe, and the Continental United States.

Boyd was shot down on April 22, 1966 while on his 105th mission. He was a prisoner of war, interned in various prisons in North Vietnam from 1966 to 1973.

General Charles G Boyd's Death Comes after Lung Cancer
Image Source: NPR

“I made a significant effort in my life, and I think fairly successfully, to put that all behind me. I’d lost about a fifth of my life at that point,” he added, “and I didn’t want to waste any more feeling sorry for myself or fussing over what otherwise might have been,” he said in 2016.

After the sad news of Charles G Boyd’s death was revealed, his friends and loved ones quickly flooded social media with tribute messages. Many fans also took to Twitter to pay Pigonant tributes to her.

“Air Force Gen. Charles G. Boyd died Wednesday at 83. Shot down as a fighter pilot over North Vietnam, he endured nearly seven years in captivity and became the only Vietnam War POW promoted to a four-star rank,” Harrison Smith tweeted.

“A highly decorated combat pilot, the only Vietnam War POW to reach four-star rank & a Republican. Charles G. Boyd believed that military officers shouldn’t get involved in presidential politics but this year is different… He understand the threat Trump poses to our democracy,” National Security Leaders for Biden’s official Twitter account wrote.

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