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CPD Still Doubts If Chicago Police Officer Commits Suicide Today


Police is investigating a mysterious case to determine if the Chicago police officer who was found dead at a North Side police station today, March 1, has committed suicide.

Polic is Investigating If Chicago Police Officer Commit Suicide Today.

Sources reported a Chicago police officer was found dead in a possible suicide at a North Side police station Monday morning. Chicago police announced the death investigation was initiated following an incident around 3 a.m. in the 19th District, at 850 W. Addison St.

The Chicago Police Department did not establish additional information but police references told some sources that the officer was discovered shot in a restroom.

Brown shared a statement revealing, the dead police officer was an honored and dedicated 21-year veteran and a kind friend to many in the CDP. He also added that today, he mourns alongside everyone in the Department. James Daly’s loss is deeply felt by his many colleagues with whom he served for many years and me.

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Cook County Medical Examiner’s Opinion Abutt Chicago Police Officer Committing Suicide Today

“Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends who are now grieving over this unimaginable loss,” Brown replied. He also asked people to keep his family and friends in their thoughts and prayers.

The office of the Cook County medical examiner did not directly release detail on the officer’s death.

If suicide is confirmed, Daly’s death will mark the latest in a string of possible suicides involving the Chicago police officers.

Dion Boyd, Chicago Police Deputy Chief, died after he took his own life in July at a West Side office in Homan Square. Dion Boyd, who was a 30-year veteran of the force, was promoted about two weeks before his passing to Deputy Chief of Criminal Networks.

Also, in February 2020, an off-duty CPD detective also committed suicide and died, city and police officials stated. In 2019, four other Chicago police officers passed away by suicide.

Why Chicago Police Officers Commit Suicide?

CPD has one of the highest rates of the police suicide in the country, a spokesman for the Department declared in 2019.

In September, The Department declared plans to launch two programs to prevent issues that may cause officers’ suicides or excessive force.

Roseanna Ander, University of Chicago Crime and Educational Lab Executive Director, announced that they’d noticed the high number of suicides in the Department. “By then, it’s too late,” she reminded.

There are various resources currently accessible to CPD officers who are seeking help:

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