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Coast Guard rescued last crews of Georgia capsized ship


Coast Guard rescuers pulled four trapped men alive from Georgia capsized ship Monday. Rescue crews made contact with the crew after hearing noises from inside the ship at the night. All of the four crew members trapped inside the Golden Ray, the cargo ship that capsized off the coast of Georgia, have been rescued, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

As we said before, rescue crews made contact with the crew on Monday morning after hearing tapping noises from inside the ship during the night, Coast Guard Capt. John Reed said in a press interview on Monday afternoon. Those who were inside “knew where to go” to make those noises, Reed stated.

Coast Guard rescuers pulled four trapped men alive from Georgia capsized ship Monday, drilling into the hull’s steel plates to extract the crew members more than a day after their vessel overturned while leaving a Georgia port.

All four were described as alert and in moderately good condition and were taken to a hospital for further evaluation. “Best day of my 16-year career,” Lt. Lloyd Heflin, who was coordinating the effort, wrote in a text message to the AP. A video posted online by the Coast Guard showed responders clapping and cheering as the final man, wearing only shorts, climbed out of a hole in the hull and stood up. Three of the South Korean crew members came out in the midafternoon.

The fourth man, who was trapped in a separate section, emerged three hours later. “All crew members are accounted for,” Coast Guard Southeast said.

Coast Guard rescuers were able to find the four South Korean crew members by rappelling down the side and drilling a hole through the hull to contact them, Lt. Lloyd Heflin told The Associated Press. Heflin added the rescue team is communicating with the trapped sailors through the hole they drilled, but getting them out remains quite challenging.

The conditions of the first three who were saved are “relatively good,” considering their circumstances, and they are being moved to the hospital to receive medical attention, Reed told. They were together in one place when they were extracted, Reed added.

However, the fourth crew member was stuck behind a glass enclosure in the ship’s engineering room, one deck from where the other three were, Reed stated. He had not had access to food or water since the emergency occurred 36 hours ago.

It is “very hot” inside the ship, even hotter than outside, Reed said. It was 92 degrees in Brunswick, Georgia, on Monday afternoon.

rescuers pulled four trapped men alive from Georgia capsized ship
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In the hours before the Coast Guard published all crew members were alive, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry stated that the four crew members were in the motor room of the overturned cargo ship and were stuck in the shipping channel awaiting help from a rescue team.

On Sunday, Coast Guard Capt. John Reed said 20 people were safely evacuated from the ship before rescuers determined the smoke and flames and unstable cargo made it “too risky” to venture further inside. Reed said the fire was observed off the Georgia capsized ship’s starboard side and produced black smoke.

On the morning of Sept. 9, with the ship still laying on its port side in St. Simons Sound, video from local television stations and the Coast Guard showed helicopters landing on the starboard side of the Golden Ray. Another group of rescuers was gathered on Georgia capsized ship’s keel. 

Multiple reports told there were about 4,000 automobiles on the Golden Ray, and it was not obvious if the ship had both discharged and loaded vehicles in Brunswick.

The cause of the capsize was not clear. The Coast Guard said it had made a starboard turn as it was departing Brunswick when it keeled over. The Coast Guard said that there had been a fire on the ship after the accident and that conditions initially made it too dangerous to enter the ship to explore for the four crew members.

The Georgia Ports Authority tells its Colonel’s Island Terminal in Brunswick is the largest auto terminal in North America and handled 613,680 autos and machinery units in the financial year that ended June 30. GPA has declared a $1.7 million project to add four extra acres to the 662-acre terminal that will add an estimated 600 processing spaces.

Before calling Brunswick, the ship had made stops in Veracruz and Altamira, Mexico, Freeport, TX, and Jacksonville, FL, and was programmed to next call Baltimore, according to Vessel Finder’s website. Built-in 2017, the 656-foot ship is registered in the Marshall Islands.

A spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board said a team that would be led by the Coast Guard was being dispatched to Brunswick to participate in the investigation of the accident.

Nevertheless, the Golden Ray, a 656-foot vehicle carrier worked for the Korean manufacturer Hyundai, capsized on Sunday after a massive fire erupted on board, making its crew to abandon ship. Twenty crew members were saved after the accident, but four remained trapped inside, unaccounted for until Monday morning. Many were injured in the event, the cause of which is still under research.

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