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David Bennett Passed Away 2 Months after Historic Transplant


It’s with great sadness and a heavy heart we inform you the terminally ill man who received a pig heart in January, David Bennett, passed away at the age of 57.

It’s not yet clear precisely what caused David Bennett‘s death, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, where Bennett received the transplant on January, 7 and had been recovering since.

Bennet began deteriorating in recent days and the hospital announced his passing Wednesday, March 8, 2022.

Bennett was the first patient ever to receive an animal organ genetically modified to prevent rejection in a person. 

“We are devastated by the loss of Mr. Bennett. He proved to be a brave and noble patient who fought all the way to the end. We extend our sincerest condolences to his family,” Bartley Griffith, surgeon who led Bennett’s transplant said in a statement.

“Mr. Bennett became known by millions of people around the world for his courage and steadfast will to live,” he added.

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David Bennett Passed Away at 57

David Bennett passed away two months after the historic transplant. US day News is working to provide more information and collect the latest updates surrounding David Bennett’s death, so stay up with us.

Dr. Muhammad Mohiuddin, an expert in interspecies transplants who was said in a statement: “We have gained invaluable insights learning that the genetically modified pig heart can function well within the human body while the immune system is adequately suppressed.

He continued: We remain optimistic and plan on continuing our work in future clinical trials.”

The transplant raised concerns among animal rights activists, who believe animals should not be sacrificed for human benefit.

Bennett was not eligible for a human heart transplant since he had not been compliant with earlier medical recommendations.

David Bennett Passed Away 2 Months after Historic Transplant
Image Source: Twitter

Studies have demonstrated that patients who do not obey doctors’ orders do not do well with an organ transplant and only a very limited number of human hearts are available for transplant.

He was also not a good candidate for an artificial heart pump because of an erratic heartbeat.

Bennett’s son, David Bennett, Jr., thanked the hospital and doctors for his care. “Their exhaustive efforts and energy, paired with my dad’s insatiable will to live, created a hopeful environment during an uphill climb,” his son said in a statement.

He continued: “We were able to spend some precious weeks together while he recovered from the transplant surgery, weeks we would not have had without this miraculous effort.”

His son also said he hopes his father’s experience will finally help many others live far longer with transplanted pig organs. 

Bennett, Jr. said: “We hope this story can be the beginning of hope and not the end. We pray that those looking for hope will continue to fight for the future, fight for new ideas, fight for answers, fight for life. Fight like Dave.”

Dr. Brian Goldman tweeted: “Patient in Groundbreaking Heart Transplant Dies. Sad news. I’m old enough to remember when we used to mark the time people lived following early heart transplants. This is incredible progress. David Bennett Sr. was a pioneer.”

“After being rejected several times for a human transplant, this person did an impossibly hard thing and allowed doctors to replace his heart with one from a pig. He died today, but who knows how many more people will live,” a Twitter user wrote.

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