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Did Yella Beezy Kill Mo3? Why Texas Rapper Arrested?


Many are asking “Did Yella Beezy really kill Mo3?” after a video went viral, showed Hip-hop artist was arrested by the Dallas Police on Saturday, February 13.

Many are asking "Did Yella Beezy really kill Mo3?" after a video went viral, showed Hip-hop artist was arrested
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It is still unknown why he got detained but the videos of his arrestment time kicked off surfacing on the Internet over the weekend. Beezy got arrested in the same locality, as multiple reports confirmed.

Yella Beezy, real name Markies Deandre Conway, became a Twitter trend because users want to know if he related to the death of Dallas-based rapper Melvin Noble a.k.a., known as Mo3 who was murdered after being fatally shot while driving on the freeway in his hometown, Dallas three months ago.

Did Yella Beezy Kill Mo3 or is it just a Rumor?

The story started when the video shared by a hip-hop page on Twitter, My Mixtapez, showed officers taking someone who looks to be rapper Yella Beezy. They captioned the 36-second video, “Yella Beezy reportedly detained by police earlier today while riding through the city in his bulletproof vehicle. While rumors have been circulating on the specific cause for the arrest no official sources can confirm any of these rumors.”

Yella Beezy is famous for songs like:

  • ‘That’s On Me’
  • ‘Bacc at It Again’
  • ‘Up One’
  • ‘Goin Through Some Thangs’

But why we think he killed the young rapper Mo3? There are several logical but unconfirmed reasons; Let’s to review them.

Reasons for Why Many Think Yella Beezy Killed Mo3

  • First of all, although they were from the same city, Yella Beezy and Mo3 had a serious complaint; So when Mo3 was shot dead in November 2020 by an unknown suspect who chased him on foot on I-35E, the eastern half of the I-35 interstate highway, many blamed him for Mo3’s death though there is no evidence against Beezy.

God to know, Mo3 additionally had a beef with another rapper named Trapboy, but it was nothing compared to Yella Beezy’s one.

  • Secondly, Mo3 and Yella’s complaint led to a lawsuit in January 2020. Mo3’s manager Brandon Rainwater accused Bezzy of an alleged assault that occurred outside Dallas’ V Live strip club in the same month. Brandon had then claimed that Mo3 suffered a dislocated hip being injured by Yella Beezy and his crew.

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