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Sadly, Zelenko Protocol Creator Dr. Zelenko Passed Away


We were just informed that a Ukrainian-American family physician, well known for promoting treatment for COVID-19 well known as the Zelenko Protocol, Dr. Zelenko passed away today (June 30, 2022) at the age of 49.

May the great legend rest in peace. Our team in USdayNews also sends its deepest sympathies to his loved ones during this tough period. Zelenko Labs shared a statement regarding the heartbreaking news:

“It is with immense sorrow that we announce the passing of our founder Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko. Dr. Zelenko was a physician, scientist, and activist for medical rights who touched the lives of millions of people. Some were saved as his role as a doctor, and even more, were inspired by his words. His “Zelenko Protocol” saved millions and earned him a Nobel Prize nomination and the admiration of a U.S. President among other prominent world leaders.”

Zelenko Labs

Vladimir ( Zev) Zelenko was born in 1973 in Kyiv and became the author famous for providing treatment by combining three-drug: hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin; as part of testing outpatient treatment for COVID-19 which he has named the Zelenko Protocol.

He has also promoted unfounded medical advice, conspiracy theories, and misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination.

On March 23, 2020, Zelenko released an open letter to the United States president Donald Trump which he asserted to have surprisingly treated many of his COVID-19 patients with a five-day course of the Zelenko Protocol.

Zelenko’s treatment protocol quickly gained notoriety with several media figures and various Trump administration officials promoting it, including Rudy Giuliani and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, despite cautionary messages from health experts.

Ukrainian-American family physician, well known for promoting treatment for COVID-19 well known as the Zelenko Protocol, Dr. Zelenko passed away

His family moved to the US when he was three years old, and settled in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City. Zelenko attended medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo, achieving a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2000.

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Rumors Behind How Dr. Zelenko Passed Away

Dr. Zelenko passed away about a day ago, also there is not much information about his cause of death at this time; many are asking if he lost his life due to natural causes while some official sources announced he died following an illness.

Our team does not confirm any rumors about the news, but you can be sure that we are attempting our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; but, do not forget that family privacy should be respected.

Zelenko tied the knot and was the father of eight children. He had been wedded twice. He was a Haredi Orthodox Jew and a proponent of the Chabad move.

He had published an autobiography, Metamorphosis, that explores how he was first an irreligious Jewish Russian-American young man who become a Baal teshuva (newly religious), and in turn developed close ties with multiple various Jewish communities, and how events in his life supplied him with the willpower to overwhelm the challenges he had been handed, such as a life-threatening disease.

The beloved doctor additionally talked about his individual story and the book he wrote about it. He has also lectured about his journey in print like in Mishpacha magazine.

Please Leave Your Comment, Thoughts, and Condolences For Us Right Below.

In 2019, the doctor authored a book about Kabbalah along with one of his sons Levi Yitzchok Zelenko, on Jewish mysticism, Hasidism, named Essence To Essence, which describes “the metaphysical dynamics shared by science, medicine, psychology, economics, law, and politics.”

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  1. Madeleine June 30, 2022

    il l’a dit lui-même que l’on voulait le tuer… je l’ai entendu sur une de ses vidéos. Ils ont eu sa peau. Il a été tué c’est évident.

    1. US day News July 1, 2022

      Qu’il repose en paix.

  2. Star Rothenbucher June 30, 2022

    May God grant you everlasting peace.
    Your love of mankind and the strength to
    Stand for what you believed in will stay with me always.
    I have followed you online and admired you through your words and obvious compassion for all of us.
    Deepest sympathies to your family.
    I will never stop praying for you.

    1. US day News July 1, 2022

      We appreciate you for sharing your heart-touching words. May he rest in peace.

  3. John 8:44 June 30, 2022

    Good riddance. One less antichrist in the world.

    1. US day News July 1, 2022

      Thanks for sharing your comment!

    2. Kaytee July 5, 2022

      Mr John 8:44, who doesn’t gather, scatters, what you do or say to the least of my Jewish brothers you do to me says Yeshua. I pray you stop being the antichrist here. Vlad was no antichrist. he would have defended you as a new testament believer. that kind of hate makes people stay away from Jesus.

    3. Anonymous August 1, 2022

      You sound like a great person

  4. Debra Yellow July 15, 2022

    Your article is BS saying he passed on and promoted lies and misinformation about the Covid experimental gene therapy shot aka Covid vaccine. Everything he promoted was based on hardcore facts. He was in the field treating people and seeing firsthand the damage that shot is doing. You must also work for the fact checkers on Facebook. Hey mainstream media we know what’s going on. No use to continue with the lies


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