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FaceApp raises Security concerns as Russians Own All Old Photos


Now that it has become a worldwide social media trend, the FaceApp raises security concerns as Russians own all old photos.

This popular smartphone application has had over 150 million users in the last days with sensation old face transformation that got many hooked.

Celebrities also participated in this as social media pages became invaded with posts like these.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed fears on privacy concerns and use of the data by the Russian government as wanted.

He is asking the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the matter in depth.

FaceApp was released in 2017 but it is only in the last weeks that it has become viral with celebrities and public personalities also sharing personal photos of themselves and what they could look like old.

Now that it has become a worldwide social media trend, the FaceApp raises security concerns as Russians own all old photos.

On Tuesday morning, it was the top app in the Apple App Store in the United States. The Russian company is based in Saint-Petersburg does not have known ties to the Russian government and denies the fact that it shares or sells data with third parties.

FaceApp raises up Security as of concerns about It

Nonetheless, the Democratic National Committee sent an alert on Wednesday to presidential campaigns to ask them not to use FaceApp as there is a possibility it is using without filter or limit data.

Schumer affirms that: ”FaceApp’s location in Russia raises questions regarding how and when the company provides access to the data of U.S. citizens to third parties, including foreign governments”.

Millions of Americans have been uploading their personal data on the application compromising their privacy rights.

Schumer says that he ”asks the FBI assess whether the personal data uploaded by millions of Americans onto FaceApp may be finding its way into the hand of the Russian government”.

What is an amusing activity family and friends do together could have serious privacy repercussions. Some security experts say that ”even though the core team is located in Russia, the user data is not transferred to Russia”.

However, if you read FaceApp’s policy, the moment you consent to use it, you give up all your rights and they can use the data as they want.

Apparently, the company deletes the data from the server in 48 hours from the time it was uploaded. For now, it is still unclear what the privacy risks are, however avoiding using the app outweighs using it when it comes to the risks involved.

It was fun the time it lasted, now we all know what our favorite celebrity might look like.

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