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Fire in Hanover MA Destroys an Office Building


A three-Alarm fire in Hanover MA tears through Conway Country building.

The massive fire burns an office building, owned by a real estate agency in Hanover, Massachusetts, to the ground early Wednesday morning.

The building is located at 183 Columbia Road. Route 53 is accessible Northbound from Broadway to Rockland Street (Route 139). Traffic will still be redirected Southbound between Rockland Street and Broadway for a few more hours.

The fire broke out at Conway realty at about 2 a.m. At one period, it was too risky for firefighters to put down the fire inside the building.

Large flames and smoke were seen flooding out of the building. The origin of the fire is under investigation.

A three-Alarm fire in Hanover MA tears through Conway Country building.

Fire in Hanover MA tears through the commercial building

Fire Chief, Jeffrey Blanchard, reported that they received a 911 call on the fire and had to respond quickly. Crews arrived at the scene of the fire in Hanover MA. The encountered a heavy fire showing from the building.

“We determined that we were going to do an exterior attack once we arrived, the fire had too much of a control of the building. Fortunately at this point there are no injuries,” said Blanchard.

“It’s just protecting the exposures to the buildings around it.”

Blanchard stated that the fire alarm inside the building did not work, as he continues to say they did not receive an automatic fire alarm for the call, it’s something they’re investigating.

“The automatic fire alarm did not work,” said Blanchard. “The building was equipped with a fire alarm system, we never received that fire alarm.”

A three-Alarm fire in Hanover MA tears through Conway Country building.

Blanchard says they had struggled with this fire, and it continued to progress swiftly.

“We’ve been working with the Police Department, we’ve been working with the Department of Transportation,” said Blanchard. “We think we’ll have this section of Route 53 shut down for a few more hours.”

Most parts of the building had collapsed by 4 a.m. Blanchard reported the building was empty at the time of the fire, and no one was hurt in the fire.

Blanchard said Conway Realty owns the commercial building. It’s not yet clear whether they have an office area inside or if they just lease the units.

The State Fire Marshall’s Office is responding to the scene. Most of the fire is out, however, crews are waiting to enter what’s left of the building.

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Video of the incident by eyewitnesses reporting.


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