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Coronavirus Death In California Tied Cruise Ship Outbreak


Following the first Coronavirus death in California, a man who died from Covid-19 on the Grand Princess cruise ship, Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency.

While officials around the country urged local communities to think about methods to stop the novel coronavirus from growing, authorities stated Wednesday that first Coronavirus death in California linked Cruise Ship Coronavirus Americans’ death.

The Grand Princess is anticipated to arrive near the city on Thursday afternoon. California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that the ship will be held off the coast. He additionally declared a state of emergency for California.

Princess Cruises on Wednesday announced that it was canceling the ship’s call to Ensenada, Mexico as scheduled out of an “abundance of caution” to allow for an early arrival in San Francisco. 

Coronavirus death in California added to US toll

The death toll of the Coronavirus Cases in US rose to 11 Wednesday. The California patient is the US First Coronavirus Death regardless of Coronavirus Deaths Of Washington. The other death was in King County in Washington state.

There are now at least 154 known coronavirus cases across 14 states, including 39 in Washington state and at least 33 in California.

“This tragic death underscores the urgent need for us to take extra steps to protect residents who are particularly vulnerable to developing a more serious illness, including elderly persons and those with underlying health conditions,” Placer County Health Officer Dr. Aimee Sisson told.

However, 9 of Washington’s 10 deaths happened in King County, officials say. Six of the dead had ties to Life Care Center, a long-term nursing home in a Seattle suburb.

The nursing home’s outbreak and a series of new America Coronavirus cases over the past few days in states including Florida, Georgia, and Rhode Island “have heightened our concern for certain communities in the US,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said in a Tuesday news conference.

“As more areas see community spread, local communities may start employing tools that encourage social distancing,” Messonnier said Tuesday. “The goal of social distancing is to limit exposure by reducing face-to-face contact and preventing spread among people in community settings.”

“What is happening now in the United States may be the beginning of what is happening abroad,” she said. “We will continue to maintain for as long as practical an aggressive national posture of containment.”

“That said, you might see some local communities taking specific actions to mitigate the disease,” she continued.

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Sick passengers of Princess Cruise ship

A 71-year-old Placer County man who fell ill with coronavirus on a Princess Cruises ship died Wednesday, becoming the 11th fatality in the United States and the first in California, prompting Gov. Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency to ramp up efforts to curtail the rapid spread of the infectious disease.

Many passengers, including a Sonoma County resident still hospitalized in Santa Rosa with the virus, arrived from the Grand Princess ship Feb. 21, returning home from a 10-day cruise from San Francisco to Mexico to places across the state, the country and perhaps the globe. Between them, 78 were Sonoma County residents and 55 from Marin County.

After the first Coronavirus death in California a state of emergency was declared
Los Angeles Times

Sonoma County public health officials said they will contact the 78 local cruise passengers — who include 25 who shared a shuttle bus with the local resident stricken with infectious disease from Port of San Francisco to Sonoma County — as the specter of the disease grows, driving the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to release its guidelines for who can be tested for the virus.

Nevertheless, Newsom stated at a press conference Wednesday in Sacramento there were 53 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in California.

That’s the most of any state and almost third of the 152 people infected nationwide as of Wednesday night, according to state and federal health officials.

“The first death related to COVID-19” in California, Newsom stated, “obviously marks a profound moment in our state and, importantly, a profound moment for the family members that lost a loved one.”

Grand Princess ship cases

The Grand Princess ship continued on from San Francisco, cruising to Hawaii with thousands more passengers and crew members aboard, including 62 people who also were on the Mexico trip. Some people still aboard had developed flu-like symptoms and have been told to stay in their cabins.

California delayed the ship’s return to its port in San Francisco, Wednesday ordering the Grand Princess to wait off the coast while public health officials prepare to get aboard with at least 200 test kits for the virus, Newsom declared. They will first evaluate staff and passengers with influenza symptoms and perhaps others. The governor said they aim to get test results within hours.

First Coronavirus death in California, the man who died was one of three individuals that tested positive for coronavirus after traveling on a roundtrip Grand Princess cruise from San Francisco to Mexico last month.

After the ship docked in San Francisco on 21 February, thousands of more passengers boarded and thousands landed. The vessel then began a roundtrip voyage to Hawaii.


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