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Video: Grand Prairie Plane Crash Led to Fire and Fatalities


A Grand Prairie plane crash with two passengers happened along the Texas 360 service road Monday afternoon, according to Grand Prairie fire officials.

Video from Texas Sky Ranger showed the crash site at about 3:30 p.m. along the service road for northbound Texas 360 near East Mayfield Road, near a Sonic restaurant.


The cause of the crash is not yet known. There is no confirmed information about the pilot or anyone else who may have been on board.

The Grand Prairie Fire Department described the aircraft as a two-passenger plane. The specific type of aircraft involved is not yet known.

Emergency crews are urging people to avoid the area.

The northbound service road was closed between Mayfield Road and East Arkansas Lane.

Injuries and Fatalities of Grand Prairie Plane Crash

“I can tell you there are fatalities, I just can’t tell you how many, “ reported Grand Prairie Fire Chief Robert Fite. “Witnesses at the Grand Prairie Airport say there were two.” Chief Fite said that still requires to be confirmed.

When police and fire brigades responded three minutes later, they found the plane completely caught in a fire.

Witnesses told police that they struggled about 500 feet after the plane hit a utility pole, hit concrete and trucks many times, then took a break in Sonic’s parking lot and ignited there.


Officials said the people on the truck were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. No other injuries have been reported on the ground.

Above all the plane caught fire. It is not clear at this time if any people were injured following the crash, police are urging people to avoid the area.

Witnesses to the plane crash have additionally taken to Twitter; a user wrote, “I literally watch a plane crash right in front of me. Like the plane almost hit our car”

Another one said: “Omg I just witnessed a plane crash right in front of me on 360!! It was so breathtaking. I hope everyone is okay.”

Latest Similar News: Pembroke Pines Plane Crash

One person had to be hurried to a local hospital following the small Jodi Lane, Pembroke Pines plane crash on 17 Dec.

This is the third plane that has crashed in Pembroke Pines in the previous month, this time transferring at least one person to the hospital.

About 4:40 p.m., Pembroke Pines police tweeted about a plane that had been crashed near North Perry Airport in Pembroke Road and the University Drive, prompting multiple roads to be blocked.

Police stated there were three others on the board of the small aircraft. They nursed injuries, but those injuries were not identified.

What Recently Happened Here? Fire in Grand Prairie Poly America

4 months ago Firefighters were battling a massive fire in Grand Prairie Poly America, at Fort Worth-area warehouse filled with plastics, which started around midnight Wednesday morning and was burning hours later.

The Texas Grand Prairie fire could be seen for miles was expected to continue burning for the rest of the day and could damage area electricity for some time, According to firefighters.

Following such a massive fire, some residents might need to self-evacuate if they feel in danger, Grand Prairie officials announced.

Although no official evacuation order had been issued, they were attempting to do a reverse 911 call out to make residents in the area aware.

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