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Reality Behind Basketball Player Justin Hardy’s Cause of Death


Deeply sorry to announce that Washington University Basketball Player Justin Hardy’s Cause of Death was announced. He passed away on May 29, 2022, when he sadly was only 22 years old.

Hardy played for Division III Washington University in St. Louis, where he finished as the team’s second-leading scorer last season. He was named to the University Athletic Association’s first team and earned national honor for his determined spirit.

Hardy completed a summer internship and coached students in the fall of that year, a semester early and in December he got graduated and recovered from 50 pounds of weight loss to play college basketball.

Sadly, lovely and inspiring Basketball player Justin Hardy's cause of death was announced on May 29, 2022. May he rest in peace.

In early April, Hardy was surrounded and supported by family, teammates, and even his coaches, Hardy received an award for a year of achievement in New Orleans during Final Four weekend.

Sadly was only 22 years old when he passed away. He was from St. Charles, Illinois.

Here is one of the inspiring speeches of Justin Hardy:
“Everything in life will be OK if you look at it with optimism. I took that to heart and I think it’s one of the reasons I was able to do all I did. Here we are almost a year later, and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to accomplish everything that seemed important.”

He helped his teammates and motivated them all the time. Also taught them many lessons including how to deal with adversity and what winning really means.

It was such a tragic day for the sports community. Sadly we must inform you of two other unexpected deaths on May 30. Craig Farrell, a member of the Third Division club Carlisle, and Jeff Gladney who was ex Vikings CB had passed away.

To know more about them read the articles below.

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Is Cancer, Justin Hardy’s Cause of Death?

Bob Hardy, Justin’s father confirmed that after 13 months of courageously redefining what it means to live with cancer, Justin passed peacefully on Sunday morning.

Hardly once said: ”This is me living my life regardless of the circumstances, If this isn’t beating it, I don’t know what is”.

In April 2021, Hardy has diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer while playing on the school’s basketball team, he start to receive treatment for his disease and even brought honors for his team.

Sadly, lovely and inspiring Basketball player Justin Hardy's cause of death was announced on May 29, 2022. May he rest in peace.

UChicagoWBB shared on Twitter: ”The Maroons mourn the loss of Justin Hardy and are sending condolences to his family, friends, teammates, and all who knew & loved him. Justin’s courage and strength during his fight with cancer is something that touched us all.”

“I don’t go two or three minutes without thinking about the fact that this is my life and something that is going to stick with me forever, But I have a lot to be grateful for, and I can’t let all of that negativity consume my thoughts.”

Justin Hardy

Also Hardly graduated early from the university with a double major while he was experiencing treatment. He motivated a lot of people. Earlier this year College GameDay profiled Hardy’s inspiring story.

Someone shared his sadness and sorrow by saying: ”Though I NEVER knew this young man, Justin Hardy, what a COURAGEOUS SOUL he was! To be able to have the strength and determination to lead his team in a basketball tournament, all the while battling cancer!!! My prayers are with his family and all others who loved him dearly!”

“We are devastated by this loss but comforted by the manner in which he lived his life, Justin’s love for the game of basketball, competition, and his teammates made him truly special.”

Washington University head coach Pat Juckem

Hardy’s family said in a statement: “The funds will be used for medical & memorial expenses, with the majority put towards the HardyStrong Scholarship – a fund for high school graduates competing athletically in college who share Justin’s gift, determination, and all-around excellence.”

Despite his battle with cancer, Hardy had a huge passion for the sport.

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