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Death of Little Richard, Rock Founder Father


Death of Little Richard is announced at the age of 87. He was in Nashville home Saturday. He is one of the pioneers of the first wave of rock’n’roll.

According to Rolling Stone reports, The rock ‘n’ roll original was 87 years old; at this time, a cause of death has not been published.

Rolling Stone magazine declared Richard’s son, Danny Penniman: “confirmed the pioneer’s death … but said the cause of death was unknown”.

Richard – whose original name was Richard Penniman – had been in poor health for several years, suffering hip problems, a stroke, and a heart attack.


On Instagram, one band member, Kelvin Holly posted:

“Rest in peace, Richard. This one really stings. My thoughts and prayers go out to all my bandmates and fans all over the world. Richard truly was the king!”

The music he made during the 1950s and 60s had an unforgettable impact on other famous Georgia musicians.

Influencing Otis Redding and James Brown, with Redding starting his professional career in Little Richard’s band, The Upsetters.

Bob Dylan also first played song covers of Penniman’s pieces of music in high school. Jimi Hendrix quoted: “I want to do with my guitar what Little Richard does with his voice.”

Other rock legends like Bob Seger and John Fogerty talked about him as an influence. And Michael Jackson also declared his album ‘Off the Wall’ was inspired by Penniman.

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Death of Little Richard at the 87

The Specialty singles exerted a serious impact on a later generation of musicians – Paul McCartney was a great fan, and the Beatles performed Richard’s songs in concert.

“I could do Little Richard’s voice, which is a wild, hoarse, screaming thing. It’s like an out-of-body experience,” McCartney stated.

“You have to leave your current sensibilities and go about a foot above your head to sing it. You have to actually go outside yourself.”

Richard is known for his whooping vocals, genre-bending music, and wild personal style. Little Richard also had suffered a stroke and a heart attack in recent years. 

He has spent much of his last days in a penthouse suite at the Hilton hotel in downtown Nashville the Oxford American reported

Ultimate Classic Rock

Moreover, he retired after suffering a heart attack during a fundraising event in 2013. He is been in a wheelchair while fighting to recover from the 2009 surgical procedure on his hip.

Musician Tim Rice today led tributes to the star, reporting: 

“The genius who gave us A WOP BOP A LOO BOP A LOP BAM BOOM and plenty more is no more.”

“RIP The Great Little Richard an indisputably unique entertainer.”

Americ’s popular Little Richard

His music improved shape rhythm and blues over many ages and his plays and headline-making thrust his career right into the mix of American popular music.

The star was initiated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of its first group of inductees in 1986 before the death of Little Richard.

He was also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and was the recipient of a Life Accomplishment Award from the Recording Academy and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation.

Elton John talked about how the singer had influenced him earlier, stating: “I heard Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, and that was it.

“I didn’t ever want to be anything else. I’m more of a Little Richard stylist than a Jerry Lee Lewis, I think. Jerry Lee is a very intricate piano player and very skillful, but Little Richard is more of a pounder.”

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