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Potentially Deadly Massive Heatwave From Midwest To East Coast


This weekend braces yourself for a potentially deadly massive heatwave from Midwest to East Coast as well as record-breaking high temperatures. This dangerous heatwave is also the cause of six deaths.

Indeed, four people have died in Maryland, one in Arizona and one in Arkansas at this point. The temperatures will impact a large portion of the United States and as many as 200 million people could be affected.

In addition, some important events such as the NYC Triathlon and the OZY Fest have been canceled as conditions were unbearable. Heat warnings are in effect for the next days. It is encouraged to avoid being outdoors and to protect yourself from the boiling sun by wearing a hat and drinking a lot of water.

For the areas ranging between the Midwest and the East Coast, temperatures are expected to go from 90 to the triple digits. The heat index causes the temperatures to feel as high as 100 to 115 degrees.

In some cities such as Washington D.C., the heat emergency plan has already been activated. The city is among a few dozen others to have declared a weather-related emergency as temperatures continue to increase over the weekend.

The district director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Christopher Rodriguez, explained that officials are monitoring the high temperatures from an operation center and are available to residents for emergencies and help. ”This is going to be one of the most severe heat events that we’ve had in the last several years” he adds.

The East Coast will receive the biggest impact with the heat index making it feel as hot as in the triple digits. It is very important to remember that heat can be a silent killer. Especially in the case of elderly people. If you or other of your loved ones is experience headaches, muscle cramps, nausea or a lack of sweating, act now. These symptoms are signs that you are experiencing heat illness and should not wait to go to the hospital.

Potentially Deadly Massive Heatwave From Midwest To East Coast
Image: ABC News

Since the beginning of 2019, twenty-one children have died in hot cars after being left there unattended for even just a few minutes. The risk is now even higher with temperatures on the rise. For instance, in less than thirty, the temperature of a car can go from 96 degrees to 124 degrees which explains the death possibility. Make sure you do not leave your child in a car unattended, even if only for a few minutes.

Finally, outdoor workers suffer greatly from heatwaves. In these cities like Chicago, green alleys have been installed made of a material that absorbs less heat than asphalt to make the working conditions more tolerable. New York City also is taking action through a program that paints roofs white to reflect the sun instead of absorbing it.

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