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Social Media Sensation Bianca Devins Has Been Killed


It is confirmed that social media sensation Bianca Devins has been killed. An upstate man has been charged with second-degree murder and officially accused as explained by police officials. The murderer is Brandon Andre Clark, a 21-year-old man.

Clark slit Bianca’s throat and posted her lifeless body on Instagram. The post remained online and available for all to see for almost a full day. He was charged with second-degree murder and could face as much as 25 years behind the bars if he is convicted. This is considered a class A-1 felony.

The story of the murder is a disturbing one. He first killed her then slit her throat. Afterward, he proceeded the layer on top of her body and took ”self-photographs” with Bianca, aged only 17. He described this to the police as we were questioned.

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One of the cops described the scene: ” Other officers arrived within moments, and together they engaged Clark. They were able to disarm the male, and after a brief struggle, they took him into custody”. What could have pushed this young man to commit such a vile crime?

Did he know the victim? Was he obsessed with her? Was it premeditated? Many questions remain to be answered as the investigation will begin and the trial is expected.

Clark was apparently dating Devins for about two months after meeting online. On Saturday, they went to a concert together in Queens and apparently they got into a fight. A fight that took a completely unexpected turn of events… What could have pushed him to go as far as kill her because of an argument?

Instagram star Bianca Devins Has Been Killed
Screenshot: Bianca’s Instagram stories

Investigators explain that the couple drove back to Utica. It is on a side street that Clark killed her after pulling over. He was arraigned Monday night on a murder charge basis. After undergoing surgery for his wounds, he was placed in Oneida County Correctional Facility.

Despite his injuries being ”severe”, cops explain that he ”is expected to survive”.

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