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Violent Street Clashes Between Far-Right And Anti-Fascist Groups


On Saturday, violent street clashes between far-right and anti-fascist groups occurred in Portland, Oregon. The rival demonstrations led to many injuries and blood-shed arrests.

In a statement released late Saturday night, the Portland Police Bureau reported that three people were arrested on charges going from assault to harassment and that eight people required medical treatment and intervention. Among these eight people, three were police officers. Furthermore, three required hospitalization for more complications.

Following tensions which increased between the two rival groups, the violent incident happened and stopping them was very difficult by authorities. Members of the so-called Proud Boys, s far-right group and several anti-fascist groups that included left-leaning activists fought back.

Police explained that the altercations escalated when demonstrators used quick-drying cement and pepper spray to attack the opposite group.

A sub-editor and photojournalist writing for a conservative website described the attack he was a victim of and for which he was taken to the hospital for after receiving head and facial injuries. Police took to pepper spray and other non-lethal substances to clear protesters from the streets.

After the police declared the protestations to be a civil disturbance and an unlawful assembly, the crowds dispersed in the streets. Violent crashes occurred when the two groups met near Pioneer Square.

Street Clashes Between Far-Right And Anti-Fascist Groups
Image: NPR

Among the people arrested was Gage Halupowski, a 23-year-old, who was charged with multiple counts of assault such as public safety officer. Others such as James Stocks, 21-year-old, was charged with harassment. This type of event has seen a rise in the last year since President Trump’s election where separation, racism, and immigration are at the center of the debate.

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