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Mike Will Made-It & Swae Lee’s Car Accident Almost Killed them


It seems that 2021 is not for the chart-topping rapper and hit producer; Mike Will Made-It and Swae Lee’s car accident almost took their lives.

Mike Will Made-It and Swae Lee survived from a car accident
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They were involved in a severe car crash to ring in the New Year. The two were ringing in the New Year in Atlanta when they were involved in a car accident.

The Grammy-winning producer took social media to reveal he and Swae Lee had survived a possibly deadly car crash on Friday. Mike Will posted a series of photos of the vehicle he and Swae were driving.

Although the damage looks pretty severe, the producer said he and the Rae Sremmurd member-only sustained a couple of bruises.

It is unclear if there were any other drivers involved in the accident.

Mike Will Made-It & Swae Lee’s Car Accident, Atlanta

Mike Will did not give many details, but he posted pictures standing on top of the Ferrari, along with a message of appreciation for being alive.

Swae Lee also shared two other photos on his Instagram story. He appeared injured around his eye because the picture showed him bleeding.

Swae Lee and Mike Will Made-It survived from a car accident
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He also posted a message saying,” Could’ve been.” It’s clear that he meant dead by the image of the car.

The rappers didn’t specify what caused the accident, but everyone is thankful that they are still alive and well.

Underneath the post, he had many people spreading love. Comedian and former “Wild N Out” star DC Young Fly commented,” Glad ya’ll boys good.”

Fellow producer London On Da Track also wrote, “Glad you’re good family.” Even Swae Lee commented on the post, saying, “It ain’t our time.”

Mike WiLL Made-It Survived Hit-and-Run Car Accident

Mike Will Made-It had experienced a similar incident back in 2016 when he explained he was involved in a hit-and-run accident.

The sound producer posted a video that showed the damage to his AMG Mercedez-Benz, which was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light.

November 27, 2016, hip-hop’s premier producer was blessed up in significant ways after a frightening hit-and-run crash.

He released that nearly the entire grill of the white vehicle is crushed, and the driver’s seat’s airbag was deployed.

The “Buy the World” producer survived and was OK without any injury.

By the looks of his timeline, he had driven the focus right back to music as he continues pushing Rae Sremmurd’s SremmLife 2 (Deluxe) album and also his Atlanta artist Eearz’s new projects. 

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