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What’s Stuart Lubbock’s Dad Terry Lubbock’s Cause of Death?


A man who struggled for 20 years to find out how his son passed away after a party at Michael Barrymore’s home has died on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Terry Lubbock’s cause of death has been revealed as terminal cancer.

Mr. Lubbock’s friend Harry Cichy confirmed the sad news and paid tribute to his “tenacity and determination.” Cichy said: “You don’t come across many people like Terry Lubbock. His tenacity and determination were incredible. He looked like a mild-mannered man, but he had the heart of a lion.”

Mr. Cichy continued: “I knew him for 16 years. He thought about Stuart every waking hour, seven days a week. He’s died sad because he’s died knowing people never knew the truth about what happened. But no-one could have fought harder for their son.”

What's Stuart Lubbock's Dad Terry Lubbock's Cause of Death?
Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

Terry Lubbock, 76, announced earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was a retired toolmaker who lived in Harlow, Essex.

Terry’s son, Stuart Lubbock, a butcher, attended a party at TV presenter Michael Barrymore’s luxury home on March 31, 2001, when he died.

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Cancer Reported as Terry Lubbock’s Cause of Death

The man who mounted a 20-year campaign to get justice for his son Stuart Lubbock has died at the age of 76. Terry Lubbock’s cause of death was reported as terminal cancer.

An examination revealed that Stuart, 31, had suffered severe internal injuries, which implied he had been sexually assaulted. According to reports, Alcohol, ecstasy, and cocaine were found in his bloodstream.

Essex Police arrested a 59-year-old man in March on suspicion of the indecent assault and murder of Stuart Lubbock, but they released him without charge in August.

What's Stuart Lubbock's Dad Terry Lubbock's Cause of Death?
Image Source: Southend Echo

In March, Detective Superintendent Lucy Morris revealed that new information came to light following a Channel 4 documentary in Feb. 2020 and police appeal with an increased reward of £40,000.

She said at the time: “This information has led to us making an arrest, and over the coming days, we will be contacting all those who were present at the party at the time as well as others who may have information.

“We have never given up on finding out exactly what happened to Stuart, and we will not stop in our pursuit of justice for him and for his family and friends.

“Nine people were at that party. We know that not everyone was responsible for what happened, but someone was. Now is the time to come forward, if you haven’t done so already, to set this matter to rest by providing us with any information you have,” she added.

Senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings, stated: “We have worked tirelessly to secure justice for Stuart, for his devoted father Terry, and for the whole family.

He continued: “This news is a huge personal disappointment to all of the detectives involved in this case. We have explored all possible lines of inquiry, and sometimes, regrettably, the evidence is not yet there to issue charges.”

Mr. Lubbock was divorced and had another son, Kevin. He was fighting for a new investigation. Mr. Cichy said: “A new inquest was what really mattered to him.”

“He had lost faith in the police. Sadly, he’s died not knowing whether there will be another inquest,” Cichy added.

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Reactions to Terry Lubbock’s Death

Stephen Moran tweeted: “Spare a thought for Terry Lubbock, father of Stuart, who was found dead in the swimming pool of Michael Barrymore’s house in 2001. Terry has died without seeing his son’s killer/s ever facing justice. People who were at that house know who is responsible. They are silent.”

“This is so sad. The people who allowed this poor man to spend his life searching for answers should be ashamed. Let alone the bastard who carried out the attack. Terry Lubbock, dad of man found dead in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool, dies,” one Twitter user wrote.

What's Stuart Lubbock's Dad Terry Lubbock's Cause of Death?
Image Source: The Mirror

David Edgar said: “This is so sad. There will be someone who knows exactly what happened at that party, and poor Stuart’s father never closed it down. Those thoughts would have been there every day of his life, just wondering…”

TL Dyer wrote on Twitter: “Another tragedy for the Lubbock family, that Terry wasn’t able to see justice served for his son. More tragic is that whoever killed Stuart still walks free. I hope father & son are reunited wherever they are. RIP Terry Lubbock.”

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