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The Texas and Ohio armed attacks leave 36 dead


The Texas and Ohio armed attacks were reported on Saturday afternoon making it the 294 mass shooting of 2019 in the United States. The death toll from the Texas attack was 20 and in Ohio 16 were announced.

At least 20 people were killed and 26 injured in armed attack at a Walmart and nearby Cielo Vista shopping center in what turned out to be the first of two dangerous gun attacks in the US over the weekend.

According to what the El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen said, the manifesto from this person shows to some degree, nexus to potential hate crime of white supremacy. The attack mainly targeted the hispanic population which the attacker qualified as ”the hispanic invasion” in one of his online posts.

Following the incident, Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters: “Lives were being taken who should still be with us today. Twenty innocent people from El Paso have lost their lives and more than two dozen have been injured. We are going to aggressively prosecute it not only as capital murder but also as a hate crime, which is exactly what it appears to be.”

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US President Donald Trump responded to the attack by writing on Twitter: “A very bad shooting has taken place in El Paso, Texas and many people have been killed; I have spoken with the governor of Texas and the federal government will fully support them.” Nothing referring to a terrorist attack, a simple reference to ”a very bad shooting”. It is important to note that the attacker was a 21-year old white man who fiercely supported Trump and his racist comments, as well as white supremacy groups. The U.S. attorney of the Western District of Texas qualified the attack as ”domestic terrorism”.

The attack occurred as violence in various parts of the United States have increased in recent weeks. Last Tuesday’s shooting at a large store in the north of Mississippi, followed by the shooting at the Calgary Festival in California and now this anti-immigrant attack in Texas are just some of the mass shootings of this year. Unsurprisingly, the United States has the highest number of mass shootings in the world.

Many took to social media to criticize the way in which police men handled the situation. Indeed, had the attacked been black or of color, many suspect the treatment he would have received would have been much more harsh, and he could have been killed on the spot. Instead, he was not hurt, the arrest was not violent and the attacker was escorted to the police car. This is the kind of behavior all should benefit from, especially those of color who often commit small crimes like stealing and get killed in return.

The second shooting happened in Dayton, Ohio, outside Ned Peppers’ Bar in the Oregon District, a busy area full of bars and restaurants in the historic Dayton Center.

The Texas and Ohio armed attacks leave 36 dead
Image: RTE

The speed of action by the police made the casualties less than they could have been fortunately. Police arrived in the area less than a minute after the shooting began. Derek Myers, an American journalist, said that the attacker was a white man with a heavy weapon attack.

The news came after Texas Governor Greg Noble announced at a press conference the night before that ”twenty people were killed and 26 were wounded in an armed attack on the Silo Vista Shopping Center in El Paso.”

Here is the information obtained from the incident at this point:

  • The shooting happened at 1:22 pm.
  • Nine people were killed and 26 were injured.
  • The attack took less than a minute and then the shooter was killed by police.
  • The gunman had body armor and used a “.223 high capacity” rifle and had other ammunition.

Once more this year, many express their pain and sorrow for the loss of innocent people as there is still no type of gun control in the United States that would prevent this kind of mass shooting from happening again. How many more need to die for this to stop? So far, it seems there is no limit.

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  1. Me September 4, 2020

    Bullshit. It was an unstable tard with tds…used as a pawn in the demonrats plan. Look at the blm/anqueefa terrorists.


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