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Tornado kills three people in Missouri


As storms continue tornado kills three people in Missouri. Amongst the victims is also an elderly couple who were hurled hundreds of feet from their home by the tornado. The bodies of Kenneth Harris, 86, and his wife Opal, 83, were tragically found 600ft from their home. The third victim is Betty Berg, 56 years old, who lost her life when the tornado also took over her mobile home in his passage.

Tornado kills three people in Missouri

These deaths were recorded in Golden City after another tornado then passed through Jefferson City. The tornado report in Missouri echoes with two other in Oklahoma and Iowa. The Jefferson city tornado was described as ‘‘large and destructive’’ by the NWS.

On Thursday, Jefferson city residents to not leave their home because of the dangerous road conditions that followed the storm. Following the storm, power lines were down and broken trees. The US National Weather Service, for this reason, issued a rare ‘‘high warning’’ for severe storms in the area. In 24 hours, a spectacular 29 tornadoes were reported. President Trump expressed his concerns and condolences on Twitter by saying: ‘‘our hearts go out to the people of Missouri as they woke up to assess the damage from storms. You are strong and resilient, and we are here to assist’’.

Tornado kills three people in Missouri

For now, three lives were taken by these tornadoes in the region. Three too much. Some residents were even trapped in the rubble after the disaster. Emergency teams were dispatched across the capital city. Until now, 20 people were taken into emergency services. It is important to note that Jefferson City is home to 43,000 people. Some characterized the tornado like it feeling like an earthquake.

Sad images on the devastating state of the cities show ripped apart buildings and cars tossed around. Still, today about 6,000 people are without electricity according to the Ameren electric company reports. Jefferson City Police described it as a ‘‘chaotic situation’’.

Tornado kills three people in Missouri

More storms are still expected to hit the Midwest today on Thursday and Friday. These multiple rounds of strong to severe storms should be taken seriously into consideration and citizens of the regions should avoid going outdoors during the storm or following it.


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