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Twitch Streamer Reckful Suicide Confirmed at 31


Twitch streamer Reckful suicide news began circulating this morning. Byron Bernstein, better known as “Reckful” has passed away at 31.

The news was first reported by Reckful’s ex, BlueGoesMew. He was a Twitch streamer and content creator whose death was later confirmed by Andy Milonakis and another streamer NymN. 

Slasher, a reliable source in the gaming and esports industry, first reported the Reckful’s death, writing: “according to his ex-girlfriend, Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein has passed away. I can’t believe this.”

Reckful’s roommate, also, confirmed the death.

Reckful tweeted just three hours before his death was reported, writing: “ahh, I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with my insanity” and “please just know in these situations the insane person does not feel in control of their actions.”

Reckful is a former eSports and a World of Warcraft player that had gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitch.

Twitch streamer Reckful suicide news began circulating this morning.

Twitch streamer Reckful suicide confirmed by his Ex-girlfriend

Byron Bernstein’s death reported by his ex-girlfriend, known as Blue. She took Twitter to write:

“Someone I loved killed themselves. I wish I could have said something to prevent it… whyyyyy” and “I keep thinking there’s something I could have said or done… I wish I reached out more.”

Reckful had proposed to Becca (@BeccaTILTS) on Twitter hours before hi passed away. He tweeted several photos of them together and asked if she would marry him.

continuing that, “replies should not make her feel pressured to say yes” and stating the reason for the post was that he knew “she’s the one.”

In 2011, he created a gaming movie, “Reckful 3,” that was seen 1 million times in the first week alone. Bernstein was one of the most favorite Twitch streamers for almost the entire history of the platform.

Twitch Streamer and WoW player

Reckful has nearly a million followers on Twitch. For sure he leaves behind a huge online community in addition to his beloved ones.

Twitch streamer Reckful suicide a tragedy, and just saying, if you are having suicidal thoughts, please reach out to someone or the aforementioned hotline.

Reckful was a massively popular Twitch streamer and a World of Warcraft player, one of the top players in the world, in fact, for a time.

One of his distinguished achievements was winning the first rank in six back-to-back seasons of World of Warcraft. He has won many other tournaments and events in the game.

Reckful routed his skill and personality into a hugely successful following on Twitch, where he would stream for tens of thousands of spectators at a time.

Moreover to World of Warcraft, he was well remembered for playing other games from Asheron’s Call to Hearthstone.

More lately, he had been operating on a new game as a developer called Everland, which was set to arrive sometime this year.

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Tweets overflow on the social media and websites

For now, the gaming community remembers one of their own.

The Twitch community is shocked at the time. This was absolutely heartbroken we heard about Twitch streamer Reckful suicide, especially to those who talked to him in the past like xQc, SlikeR, and LIRIK.



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