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Vape’s first victim dead. Death lies in wait for vapers


Vape’s first victim dead in the US on Friday. Illinois health officials declared the death of an adult who had vaped and later developed severe respiratory illness. This is the first death like this to be published amid a growing number of lung illnesses over the country that doctors say could be related to e-cigarettes.

They said Vape’s first victim in Illinois who contracted a severe respiratory disease after vaping has died. It is being considered the first death in the US that is connected to the alternative to smoking.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it is investigating a mystery lung disease in the US that is linked to e-cigarettes. It said it was aware of 193 possible cases of severe lung disease in 22 states that could be made by vaping. Many of the cases involve vaping THC, the main active compound in cannabis, CDC experts stated.

These numbers are a raise from the 153 potential cases in 16 states that the agency published Wednesday. At the time, there were no known deaths reported, the agency stated. The cases were reported over the sequence of two months between 28 June and 20 August.

Vape’s first victim

The adult patient, vape’s first victim, was aged between 17 and 38 and was admitted to hospital after falling ill following vaping.
The person who died was “hospitalized with unexplained illness after reported vaping or e-cigarette use”, Dr. Jennifer Layden, the chief medical officer, and state epidemiologist in Illinois stated. The death comes amid an epidemic of hospitalizations nationwide linked to the battery-powered smoking simulators.

CDC director Robert Redfield said: “We are saddened to hear of the first death linked to some break of severe lung disease in those who use an e-cigarette or ‘vaping’ devices.” He continued: “This tragic death in Illinois reinforces the serious risks associated with e-cigarette products.”

The Illinois patient’s death did not give details about the patient’s identity, telling only that the person was an adult who had vaped recently and then succumbed to a severe respiratory illness. Health officials did not say what product the patient had used, whether an e-cigarette or another vaping device; nor did they specify what material had been vaped.

More about the illness

The reason for the mystery illness has not been recognized, but all involve vaping in some form.

“In many cases, victims have noticed recent use of THC-containing product,” the CDC’s head of non-infectious diseases, Dr. Ileana Arias, said.

Those affected had signs including coughing, shortness of breath and fatigue as well as some cases of vomiting and diarrhea. There is no proof of an infectious disease – such as a virus or bacteria – being responsible.

They have been stumped in recent weeks by the cause. State investigators have not seen a common connection – other than vaping in general – among the patients turning up in emergency rooms.

Vape's first victim dead. Death lies in wait for vapers
Image: Hopkins medicine

Many patients have acknowledged vaping tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the high-inducing chemical in marijuana, according to statements from federal and state health agencies.

There are many things that remain a puzzle. officials don’t know whether the illnesses have been caused by marijuana-type goods, e-cigarettes, by vaping some type of street concoction, or whether a contaminant or defective device may have been involved.

“It isn’t clear if these cases have a common cause or if they are different diseases with similar presentations,” Dr. Arias explained.

Across the country, vaping-obsessed young people are succumbing to sicknesses health officials believe could be tied to the growing trend.

Previous examples of the effects of vaping on people

A Texas teen who puffed on vapes since the eighth grade spent 18 days in the hospital after waking up to his heart “beating out of [his] chest” and obstinate vomiting. Doctors said the prolific habit caused his lungs to inflame.

Eight Wisconsin teen vapers and four Minnesota young people were hospitalized earlier this summer with lung injuries health officials suspect were caused by vaping.
As of Wednesday, federal health authorities were investigating 150 cases in 16 states.

Among the latest news are two in Connecticut, four in Iowa and six in Ohio. Health officials are asking doctors and hospitals to tell state health officials about any potential vaping-related lung disease cases they find.

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