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Walmart will Stop Selling E-cigarettes As Vape killed People


Walmart will stop selling E-cigarettes and exit its category completely when the number of vape-caused deaths grew. Based on reports the world’s greatest retailer, Walmart will stop selling e-cigarettes in its Walmart and Sam’s Club locations in the U.S. between “regulatory complexity” and “uncertainty” circling the industry.

In fact, Walmart will first sell all of its store inventory and stop selling E-cigarettes after the shelves are empty. Walmart cited “growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity and uncertainty regarding electronic cigarettes,” declaring that its stores will stop selling e-cigarettes once the current inventory is sold.

Walmart has come under fire as teen vaping rates in the U.S. soar to record highs and federal health officials sound alarms over an outbreak of a mysterious vaping-related lung disease that’s killed at least eight people in current weeks.

This decision published after President Trump declared his government plans to ban flavored E-cigarettes. Walmart previously said it would stop marketing fruit and dessert-flavored e-cigarettes this year at the same time that it increased the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21.

When Trump made his decision last week, there had been reports of six vape-caused deaths and that number has since grown to eight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated Thursday there have been 530 confirmed or probable cases of lung injury associated with e-cigarette use.

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Walmart will Stop Selling E-cigarettes As Vape killed People

Why Walmart will Stop Selling E-cigarettes?

In a news, we published the Department of Health identified “Dank Vapes” and “Chronic Carts” as products containing Vitamin E acetate, a thickening agent in THC oil that has been a focus in its investigation into the illnesses.

Walmart will stop selling E-cigarettes and exit its category completely
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Leading makers of nicotine e-cigarettes, including Juul Labs Inc, British American Tobacco Plc and Imperial Brands Plc, said last week their products did not contain Vitamin E mixtures.

Last week Amazon.com Inc said it took down vape paraphernalia in line with its policies, though the company did not specify the exact products it removed.  

Some are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to crack down on the largely unregulated industry. Impatient with the lack of action from the federal government, a number of companies, states, and cities have been taking their own steps to cut ties with the industry. CBS, WarnerMedia, and Viacom, for instance, have all said they will stop running e-cigarette advertisements.

The American Vaping Association jumped on Walmart for remaining to sell E-cigarettes while pulling them from its shelves.

“You know you are in the middle of a moral panic when big corporations like Walmart find it is easier to sell deadly combustible tobacco products than to sell harm reduction alternatives,” the industry-funded group’s president, Gregory Conley, announced.

This decision, if implemented, largely avoids vape-caused deaths, but even when the shelves are empty, the sale of these deadly products does not seem humane at all.

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