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Why We Celebrate National Ice Cream Day?


When you think of summer time, what comes to mind? Beach, swimming and perhaps…ice cream? Did you know there is a national day for that? Indeed, but do you know why we celebrate National Ice Cream day? We will present you the reason for it and we’ve got the best tips and recommendations for you to celebrate it.

Carla Noboa is the founder and owner of BIVE, an ice cream shop in New York City. She thinks that: ” Ice cream is a way to make people happy and a go-to product that consumers are wanting as a desert and treat to share with others”.

President Ronald Reagan was the first to recognize National Ice Cream Day, however back then it was meant to be a one-time thing more or less, not something that would end up being celebrated annually, for everyone’s delight.

Indeed, Reagan signed a resolution to make Ice Cream Day a national celebration on July 15 of 1984 specifically. The resolution did mention that that it would remain for that day only of that year, but since Americans are ice cream lovers, it continued to be celebrated every yer since then.

Although Ronald Reagan made it a national celebration, the pleasure of eating ice cream goes back to long before him. George Washington apparently also loved ice cream and it is said that ”one summer, he literally spent $200 on ice cream” as Noboa relates.

Many different ice cream stores such as the one owned by Noboa find great ways of celebrating this day. If you go to Carvel, you can buy any size soft-serve in a cone or cup and get a second free soft-serve in the same size. What a deal!

BVIE offer an extra scoop for customers who purchase any single scoop of ice cream and they also get a free cone. If you are a big ice cream fan, today is your day. Enjoy the summer and treat yourself and your loves one to a few scoops without any guilt. Ice cream is one of those little things that make summer so special.

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