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Women Was Found Dead In A Costco Parking Lot In California


In California, a woman was found dead in a Costco parking lot. Many suspect it is most likely due to the attack of three dogs. Three dogs of different bread- a large mixed-breed, a stray dog and a pit bull were taken into custody by the animal control and scheduled to be euthanized. The victim has not been identified yet but from the state in which she was found, it is clear that she suffered from extreme trauma. This was described by the Bakersfield Police Department on Sunday morning in a press release.

This is the third death that happens in a Costco store in California. One story is of Kenneth French, 32 years old, who was fatally shot in Corona. His family described Kenneth as mentally challenged and nonverbal. He was shot by a police officer who was not on duty at that moment but who had supposedly been assaulted by Kenneth. The identity of the police officer still remains unknown.

Women Was Found Dead In A Costco Parking Lot In California
Image: KGET

A second story is the one of a couple with an infant who was tragically ambushed and shot while loading their groceries in the car of a Costco parking lot again in the San Diego area. Luckily the infant survived and the couple was rushed to the hospital and survived after being shot from behind by the aggressor.

The explanation behind the death of this women by three unidentified dogs remains to be determined as the exact cause of death has not been determined yet. Local news identified the woman at this point as a transient. The police department continues to look for ‘‘any evidence, witnesses and the investigation is ongoing’’.  After the investigation started, it was discovered that two of the three dogs belonged to a business owner in the area.

As for the stray dog, since homeless people would often feed it, the business owners did not think of calling animal control.

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