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Chartering a yacht by Kylie Jenner costs her $1.2 million a week
Immigration officials arrested around 680 illegal workers in Mississippi
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The Texas and Ohio armed attacks leave 36 dead
Saoirse Kennedy Hill's death, the new calamity of Kennedys
Putting 10% tariffs on Chinese goods by the U.S. since Sept. 1
United States Formally Withdrew From 1987 Nuclear Pact With Russia
Last night of the 2nd democratic debate
First night of the 2nd democratic debate, who are the winners and losers
Fed Rate Cut,Oil Rises While U.S. Crude Stocks Fall
Second Round For The Democratic Presidential Candidates In Detroit
Clark Pleads Non-Guilty For The Murder of Bianca Devins
Second Shooting In One Day On Mass Causes Four Deaths
President Trump Attacked Another African American Lawmaker
Trump Promised To Make Bitcoin A 2020 Election Issue