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Trump announced on Friday that he would order for reopening of churches
Los Angeles Car Chase: Police are involved in the Los Angeles car chase as a speeding pickup driver traveling the wrong way freeway.
Death of Jerry Sloan, the former coach of the Utah Jazz Basketball team, at the age of 78, reported on Friday.
State police have launched an investigation into an officer-involved shooting in Haverhill
Christopher Nolan new movie Tenet story carried in the trailer.
An earthquake in Cascade briefly shook parts of south-central Idaho on Thursday
An active shooter in Corpus Christi Naval Air Station opens fire reportedly on the base.
A suspected shooter of Westgate shooting in Glendale is in custody.
Hagen Mills' death occurred in a botched murder-suicide in Kentucky.
Death of Shad Gaspard is confirmed by Police officers early Wednesday.
A man was injured following an Arch Street shooting on Tuesday night
A second alarm broke out for a fire in San Jose, drive-in cinema Tuesday night, on May 19.
An earthquake in Buffalo NY with a magnitude of 2.3 was reported by the USGS in Wanakah.
Pelosi stated taking hydroxychloroquine is “not a good idea” for a “morbidly obese” Donald Trump.
A warning for Midland County dam failure is issued.
Firefighters are battling a brush fire on Camp Pendleton near the Oceanside
Kevin Mayer has been named TikTok new CEO
Results of human trial of Coronavirus vaccine from Moderna are hopeful.
Former WWE star Shad Gaspard missing after getting back at the beach.