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All About the 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus


With New Hampshire primary poll and Iowa caucus poll results behind the candidates, contenders are now focusing on the next state: 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus

The caucuses will be held Feb. 22, though early voting in the state has already turned out thousands of voters. To enhance accessibility to the process, for the first time, Democrats in the state have been able to compete through early voting.

Specialists and officials are growing concerns over the Nevada State Democratic Party plan to use a Google calculator uploaded to new iPads to register results during their meetings next week after the debacle in Iowa.

The party published Thursday that it intended to use a custom Google calculator accessed through a “secure Google web form,” which will be uploaded to 2,000 newly acquired iPads to help count votes and that limit leaders would also track votes via paper backup sheets.

Alana Mounce, the Party’s executive director, composed in a memo that the Party had negotiated with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and outside security experts, and vowed that “we are confident in our backup plans and redundancies.”

However, in the wake of the chaotic Iowa caucuses, where an app the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) used for counting malfunctioned and delayed results, officials have worries about 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus plans.

presidential candidates are now focusing on the next state, 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus

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First, Candidates will debate

The City of Las Vegas will treat a primary debate on Wednesday, which will be the final match-up before the caucuses.

The candidates supposed to take part are past Vice President Joe Biden, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

presidential candidates are now focusing on the next state, 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus

Nevada to do differently following Iowa debacle

The Silver State’s third-in-the-nation nominating contest was, like Iowa’s, designed as an app-based process. Nevada Democrats have since abandoned plans to use the Shadow app on Caucus Day. Iowa observed major problems with a mobile app.

The Nevada State Democratic Party plans to use a “caucus calculator.”

Party officials on Thursday sent a memo to campaigns explaining the calculator will be downloaded to party-purchased iPads and only available for use by precinct chairs charged with completing sometimes complicated caucus math. It will also assist caucus organizers to incorporate early vote results into the results registered on Caucus Day.

Nevada has also committed to retaining many other long-planned caucus updates, such as the addition of new workplace caucus sites on the Las Vegas Strip, a metropolitan center.

Biden, seeking revival in 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus

Joe Biden’s first two finishes sent his national vote figures falling and put his donors on edge. He wants Nevada to begin his comeback, not expedite his plunge.

Friday afternoon, Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign manager, Greg Schultz, assembled a conference call with advocates to plan a path forward following two bruising losses in 2020 Iowa democratic caucus and New Hampshire.

The campaign, Mr. Schultz made clear on the call, was banking on finishing in at least second place in the forthcoming Nevada caucuses, a competition that will offer the first major test of Mr. Biden’s statement that he can uniquely assemble a diverse coalition.

Left unsaid: Nevada will also show if Mr. Biden, can recover his campaign after his first two finishes sent his national poll numbers plummeting, put his donors on edge and risked his reputation even in his perceived firewall state, South Carolina.

“First would be wonderful, but us getting a second place I think does the work that we need to do to win South Carolina,” Mr. Schultz stated. “We win South Carolina, we’re going to have ended the first four contests likely with a delegate advantage.”

He continued, “I think the Democratic Party will sigh a collective sigh of relief when we finish second or better in Nevada.”

With only days until Saturday’s 2020 Nevada Democratic Caucus, Mr. Biden’s campaign is racing to make Nevada the state that starts his comeback.

Monday’s Campaign Round-Up, 2.17.20

With five days remaining before the Nevada presidential caucuses, it’s tough to say who’s likely to win — Nevada is notoriously difficult to poll, but a Las Vegas Review-Journal survey found Bernie Sanders leading the pack with 25%, followed by Joe Biden with 18%, and Elizabeth Warren with 13%. Three other candidates reached double digits: Tom Steyer with 11%, and Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, who had 10% each in the poll.

On a related note, ahead of Saturday’s caucuses, Biden got some endorsements from Rep. Steven Horsford (D-Nev.) and Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall (D).

Speaking of endorsements, most of the past 2020 presidential candidates haven’t yet launched their support behind former rivals, but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that he’s backing Sanders.

Michael Bloomberg’s record of highly stimulating rhetoric, on everything from race to women to Democratic policy priorities, is coming to the fore as his support starts to grow.


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