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2020 Presidential Election

Arizona Primary Presidential Election Results


Arizona Primary Presidential election had a victor as polls opened Tuesday for Democrats to pick a presidential candidate as the state deals with a public health crisis that has crippled parts of the nation.

Citizens in three states went to the polls on Tuesday to vote for the states’ presidential primary.

Joe Biden‘s surge toward the Democratic presidential nomination rolled on Tuesday with a dominating victory in Florida, the largest delegate prize of the day, and win in Illinois and Arizona.

Former Vice President has won Arizona’s Democratic presidential primary. Biden maintains as one of the most remarkable presidential campaign turnarounds in U.S. history.

The former vice president has put together broad alliances of Democratic primary voters: African Americans, white college-educated suburbanites, city dwellers of all demographics, rural and small-town voters who haven’t yet forsaken to Republicans.

Tuesday was a test of whether Biden could bounce back among another significant Democratic group where he has lagged Sanders in the primary, Latinos. And he certainly did.

Sanders has racked up his biggest boundaries among Latinos in California and Texas, states with predominantly Mexican-American populations.

However, in Illinois, home to many Mexican-Americans, Latino voters were about split evenly between the two candidates. The outcome was similar in the border state of Arizona, according to AP VoteCast.

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Arizona Democratic Primary Presidential election results

While the Republican primary is mainly settled, the Democratic nomination race is starting to shift toward Joe Biden’s favor.

A total of 441 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday among the states of Arizona, Florida, and Illinois.

Last night, Ohio published it is delaying its presidential primary amid concerns of the US Coronavirus Outbreak.

Biden entered Tuesday with 898 delegates as Sen. Bernie Sanders trails with 745 delegates. To win the nomination, 1,991 delegates are required.


Biden’s coalition on Tuesday again was wide. AP VoteCast data revealed he maintained his clear advantages among black voters in Florida and Illinois. additionally, he showed up to win women, voters over 45, and moderates and conservatives. He displayed strength in suburbs and small towns and across religious identities. In Florida, Biden won 51% of liberals.

Biden applauded Sanders’ backers for their “remarkable passion and tenacity.” Then he turned to Americans young enough to be his grandchildren. 

“Let me say especially to the young voters who have been inspired by Sen. Sanders: I hear you. I know what’s at stake. I know what we have to do,” Biden responded. “Our goal as a campaign and my goal as a candidate for president is to unify this party, and then to unify the nation.”

Joe Biden skillfully won Latinos in Florida, where they comprised about one-fifth of the Democratic primary vote. Biden won just over half of Cubans, a group where Sanders was believed especially weak due to his previous warm statements about Fidel Castro. 

However, Biden did even better among Puerto Ricans, winning about 60% of a group which the Sanders campaign hoped would be their strongest part of the Latino community in the state.

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Sanders spoke for 20 minutes via Livestream Tuesday night and did not once discuss the election. Instead, he attempted to appeal calmly as he outlined his coronavirus response plan.

It was an odd role for a candidate whose entire brand has been his defiant call for a political revolution.

Biden’s latest drubbing of Sanders appears as the half of the states yet to vote scramble to find a safe way to cast ballots throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s not clear how hardy future primary elections may be. With the entire country under virtual house arrest, Sanders can’t recreate the massive rallies that have powered his presidential bid.

Arizona Primary Presidential election had a victor as polls opened Tuesday for Democrats to pick a presidential candidate.
CNN International

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The Biden campaign had been confident heading into Tuesday, however, still quietly concerned that Sanders or his supporters could cast doubt on the legitimacy of the outcome if the quasi-national shutdown over the coronavirus depressed turnout to abysmal levels.

Above all, He won convincingly enough in the three states to rebut any widespread doubt. 

To be sure, in-person voting on Tuesday almost certainly was lower than it would have been otherwise in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois.

But early in-person and mail balloting ensures that the final turnout on Tuesday was at least in the neighborhood of a usual competitive presidential primary, even if the states didn’t shatter records like several states did on Super Tuesday.

As an example, going into Tuesday, Florida had processed about 140,000 more mail-in ballots than in 2016, while the early in-person count outpaced 2016 by more than 70,000 voters. 

Those numbers didn’t include more than 450,000 mail ballots that were distributed to voters but not yet returned and counted. Illinois, a state that doesn’t typically rely as heavily on early and mail voting as Florida, likely suffered much more because of the in-person dip.

Turnout in Florida’s Democratic primary is higher than it was four years ago when 1.7 million voters emitted ballots. This year, turnout is on pace to approach 2 million.

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