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Does Bernie Sanders’ Heart Condition make him eligible for president?


With the severity of Bernie Sanders’ Heart Condition unknown, it’s too soon to say when or even if Democratic presidential candidate might return to the campaign trail, according to two Las Vegas cardiologists.

The patient’s overall clinical scenario is concerning enough that he is admitted to the hospital, where interventional cardiologists urgently perform a procedure called cardiac catheterization.

When the doctors insert dye into the major coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, they find that one of them is so severely blocked that they must immediately place two stents in an attempt to recover normal blood flow and hopefully prevent cardiac tissue around it from dying.

Boman, who is not one of Sanders’ doctors, noted that chest pain “would be a typical presentation for a blocked artery or for a heart attack.”

Bernie Sanders’ health condition

Sanders’ campaign stated that he had a blockage in one artery and had two stents successfully inserted. The candidate had experienced “chest discomfort” at a campaign event in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Official campaign statements about Bernie Sanders’ Heart Condition did not say whether Sanders experienced a heart attack. campaign spokesman Mike Casca on Wednesday as saying Sanders did not have a heart attack, then updated the story to say Casca later stated that more tests would be run to determine that diagnosis.

To insert a stent, doctors thread a tiny balloon inside a blocked artery to widen it. The stent, a small wire mesh tube, is then inserted to keep the artery open.

Following the insertion of stents, a patient who has not had a heart attack typically is hospitalized for a day or two for consideration, after which there are minimal restrictions on activity, Boman said.

May Bernie Sanders’ Heart Condition make him eligible for president
Image: The Times

The patient might also be prescribed a blood thinner and other medications. If a stress test found that a patient was fit to continue the full activity, he might only be sidelined for a couple of weeks.

Will Sanders get better?

The severity of Sanders’s case could range from almost inconsequential to very serious. While some cardiologists argue that stenting should only be used in cases of moderate to severe blockage, it has historically been deployed much more widely.

In 2017,  after decades of doctors stenting most anyone with even moderate blockage, evidence eventually emerged that the practice did not prolong life. But many cardiologists continue to do it because patients report subjective improvements in things like chest pain and shortness of breath.

The statement seems to suggest that Sanders’s case of coronary artery disease is on the less severe end of the spectrum.

“Chest discomfort” is not synonymous with “heart attack,” and is more generally used to define angina, the clinical term for the pain that results when too little blood is flowing to the muscle of the heart.

Understanding and addressing angina before a serious heart attack is medically optimal, but it’s much less severe than a heart attack, which means total blockage of an artery and loss of blood supply to the heart muscle.

Angina is the result of compromised flow, and it is reversible. A heart attack, on the other hand, can cause permanent damage.

As we said before, Biden and Sanders Are Ahead of Trump By 10 Points And he has a good chance of winning the 2020 election and now rumors of him grab attention.

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