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Bernie Sanders’s campaign makes a leadership change in New Hampshire


Sen. Bernie Sanders’s campaign is changing who will lead his presidential effort in the important main state of New Hampshire. Facing annoyance and unheeded advice from longtime supporters that he could miss the New Hampshire primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Sunday replaced the leader of his presidential campaign actions in the Granite State.

The campaign published this news on Sunday to more than 40 members of Sanders’ steering committee. The campaign stated that Joe Caiazzo was being replaced as a state director.

More than 50 members from Sanders’ state steering committee acclaimed when they heard that Joe Caiazzo had been reassigned to Massachusetts, according to those in the room. The news was released by the new state director, Shannon Jackson, who ran Sanders’ Senate reelection in 2018.

“We’ve built a great team in New Hampshire and are in a really strong position there. The campaign is now building out our operations to include Massachusetts and Maine state directors as we increase our focus in Super Tuesday states,” Faiz Shakir, Sanders’s campaign manager, announced in a statement received by The Hill. “We are running a 50 state campaign, taking no state or voter for granted and expanding our operations to secure the Democratic nomination.”

Top officials of Bernie Sanders’s campaign have also been shuffled recently. Former chief of staff Ari Rabin-Havt and former communications director Arianna Jones were raised to agent Bernie Sanders’s campaign managers. So, A new senior communications director will be hired, the Times reported. 

However, Sanders has fought this period to maintain the level of support that helped him to a 22-point victory in the 2016 New Hampshire primary. Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager and some officials endorsing Sanders are hedging expectations about New Hampshire and reject a loss in the state would fall his candidacy.

The shake-up appears as some progressive voters in New Hampshire weigh Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a better option to beat President Donald Trump. At a Democratic meeting here just over a week ago, a noticeable number of state representatives who voted for Sanders in 2016 said they had moved their support to Warren. Even members of the Sanders steering committee said they were eyeing Warren.

Polling in the state shows a very close race, with Sanders at 22 %, former Vice President Joe Biden at 21.5% and Warren at 19.3%, according to the Real Clear Politics average of surveys.

Bernie Sanders's campaign makes a leadership change in New Hampshire
Image: The Policy

A Sanders adviser suggested another reason for Caiazzo’s shift to Massachusetts, which is Warren’s home state.

“Given Sen. Warren’s favorable in Massachusetts, there’s a tremendous opportunity for competitors there,” the adviser stated. “Coupled with the fact [that] Massachusetts has a large number of delegates, it’s important to contest the commonwealth vigorously. Campaigns that don’t are making a mistake.”

The change is one of several staff shake-ups in recent weeks. The Sanders campaign also parted ways with senior adviser Kurt Ehrenberg, a well-respected local grassroots activist who was with Sanders from the start.

“From the beginning, there was a fundamental disagreement about how to run a successful primary campaign in New Hampshire,” Ehrenberg said. “There was strong disagreement.”

Ehrenberg was a driving force behind Sanders’ introduction to New Hampshire, helping him land major speaking engagements to union groups for almost a decade. He served as New Hampshire political director in Bernie Sanders’s 2016 campaign. Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by 22 points that year, helping to launch a nearly five-month nationwide primary battle.

Last week, Ben Kling also began working as a state manager for Bernie Sanders’s campaign. An Assistant Saunders told state managers or lead staff has recently been added to Oklahoma, Colorado, and Minnesota, as well as Massachusetts. And some senior staff have been asked to move to the primary and primary groups.

In addition, Mike Caskka, Sanders Rapid Response Manager in 2016, was hired as Sanders’ senior communications consultant. Ari Rabin-Havt and Arianna Jones were nominated as campaign deputies.

According to his campaign, hiring and changing staff is aimed at boosting the Sanders team in the early stages as well as those holding their presidency preparations for Super Tuesday. Massachusetts is one of those states.

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