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Biden and Sanders Are Ahead of Trump By 10 Points


A survey conducted by Emerson Polling and released on Tuesday shows that Biden and Sanders are of Trump on a national level 10 points . This poll was conducted between June 21 and June 24 among 1,096 voters. In this hypothetical match-up, the two Democrats hopefuls were leading with 55% against 45%.

Surprisingly, Senator Elizabeth Warren was also ahead of the President with 53$ against 47%. On the other hand, Senator Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg also led him with a closer 52% to 48%. The point margin of error of the survey is of 2.9. Down of one point since last month, this survey showed that Trump had a steady 43% approval rating, versus a disapproval of 48%. Among the approval rate for the president, a gender gap was also found, with 47% of the male population approving, and 47% disapproving. In comparison, 49% was found for the disapproval among the female respondents as opposed to 39% for the approval one. Other polls show that former vice-President Joe Biden leads Trump in several of the key states, while other polls have Trump trailing Biden.

Biden and Sanders Are Ahead of Trump
Image: vanityfair.com

This is the first week that millions of Americans get the chance to meet the cast of Democrats that are trying to compete against Trump’s re-election. Many expect and fear that it will escalate and digress into a bare-knuckle brawl between the twenty democrats. Many fear that it will turn into an on-going bickering session between candidates. ‘‘I’m worried it’s going to be a scrum-a lot of people trying to score points on each other and looking like scoring points was more important than communicating with the American people’’ says president of the American Federation of Teachers and member of the Democratic National Committee, Randi Weingarten. This is in fact what many have argued that politics has become- an entertainment show, a spectacle.

Despite Emerson Polling showing Biden ahead of the competition, many expect that the other presidential hopefuls will show their willingness to take on the vice-President with no mercy this Wednesday and Thursday. While Senator Bernie Sanders has long accused Joe Biden of voting in favor of the Iraq War and free trade deals. Since Republicans had their own circus-like show in the 2016 primaries. Could it be the Democrats turn this time around?


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