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Biden Clashed With Moderator, ‘You’re a Lovely Person’


Former vice president and Democratic presidential, Joe Biden Clashed With Moderator when LGBTQ forum moderator charged that the bill grew incarceration rates and “disproportionately” affected “LGBTQ people of color.”

Biden has regularly boasted on the campaign trail of his track record on LGBTQ rights— he was ahead of President Obama in endorsing the right to same-sex marriage  —but seemed taken aback by questions on stage at the forum sponsored by the advocacy group GLAAD.

This question made Biden irritable And he responded very quickly. “It did increase incarceration rates,” moderator Lyz Lenz stated “No it didn’t, but go ahead,” Biden answered, calling her a “lovely person.”

Lenz made her second question for Biden more carefully.
“In 1994, you did vote for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ and in 1996 you voted for the Defense of Marriage Act,” Lenz said, noting “You did vote to repeal both of those, but you have also praised Vice President Mike Pence as a ‘decent guy’.”

Biden addresses LGBTQ forum moderator

It was here that Biden showed up Instant Action to preserve his prestige and clashed With moderator by calling her a lovely person, to be more precise, A chorus of boos and hisses went up from the audience.“You’re a lovely person,” Biden noted.

“Just asking the questions that people want to know,” Lenz replied. “All right, fire away,” Biden stated.
“So I guess it goes without saying Pence is opposed to LGBTQ rights, so the question that rises from these is, how can LGBTQ people trust that you won’t compromise on issues that put them at risk, in order to reach across the aisle to people like Pence?”

She asked Biden to promise that as president he would not support any law targeting the LGBTQ community.

Joe Biden Clashed With Moderator in LGBTQ forum
Image: USAToday

“Yes, I absolutely will but let’s get something straight. You’re wrong about the act,” Biden added. “That act was overwhelmingly supported by the African-American community, overwhelmingly supported by the community at large, everyone from Ted Kennedy on voted for it. It did not have mandatories in it. That’s not what it was about.”

“I will say the increased incarceration rates thing was fact-checked, I believe on Politifact. It did increase incarceration rates,” Lenz replied.

“I will say the increased incarceration rates thing was fact-checked, I believe on Politifact. It did increase incarceration rates,” Lenz said.

Biden defense of marriage act

Biden was also challenged about his support for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act.

Exactly after the session, Lenz tweeted that Biden told her, “You’re a real sweetheart” as he walked off the stage.


After all, if Biden’s questions and answers and promises are put aside, as we said before, Biden and Sanders Are Ahead of Trump and he has a great chance at the 2020 election like Sanders. And only in the future will it become clear that he will become president or not and
whether if he becomes president will he still be true to his promises or not.

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