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2020 Presidential Election

Biden is ahead by 6 points in the Presidential Democratic election


According to a recent survey, former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead by 6 points in the Presidential Democratic election coming early 2020. Although his performance at the last two debates was criticized by many, it seems that many Democrat supporters have faith in him especially given the expertise gained during the Obama presidency.

Following Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren came in second, with Bernie Sanders a few points behind. The survey was conducted between August 3rd and August 6th and reached out as many as 1,500 U.S. adult citizens. Despite some decisions he made a few decades ago, it seems that the African American community continues to support him in strong numbers.

These results come after a weaker period where both Biden and Warren had lost points at the July 27-30 poll. Joe Biden’s campaign also took to social media and addressed Trump by saying: ”Thank you for tuning in! We hope you learned a thing or two about what it takes to be an effective leader who can unify the nation.”

While on Air Force One between Dayton and El Paso, Donald Trump watched Joe Biden’s public appearance and speech in Iowa where he strongly criticized Trump and linked his white supremacy hidden speeches and actions to many mass shootings this past two years. Trump tweeted back: ”Watching Sleepy Joe Biden making a speech. Sooo Boring!”

Biden is ahead by 6 points in the Presidential Democratic election
Image: NYTimes

As per usual, Trump took to bullying and belittling saying even before Biden’s speech ended in Burlington, Iowa, that given the direction things were headed towards, he predicted the address would cause news networks to ”die in the ratings”. During his speech, former Vice President Biden reminded the crowd that Trump represented a threat to the ”soul of America”.

His promise if elected was that he would reinstate a federal ban on assault weapons. He also highlighted the fact that domestic terrorism should be fought as strongly and effectively as international terrorism currently is.

In his speech, Biden condemned Trump for the way he has dealt with things since his election and for being responsible for fanning ”the flames of white supremacy” in the United States. Despite differences of opinions, it was important for the El Paso police department to remind everyone that this memorial was first and for most for the victims and their loved ones. In a tweet addressed to all they underlined the fact that: ”The memorial was meant to honor the victims. Do not dishonor them by clashing against each other. Stop the hate. ”


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