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Last night of the 2nd democratic debate, who are the winners and losers


After last night of the 2nd democratic debate, who are the winners and losers? What is the takeover from this presidential debate? Biden was strongly accused by all candidates throughout the night. At one point, he fired back saying: ”Everybody’s talking about how terrible I am on all these issues.” He defended himself by explaining he was chosen as Vice-President and did his job well by arguing that: “Barack Obama knew exactly who I was.”

Some called this second democratic presidential debate one of the most bitter exchanges in the 2020 primary race. Brace yourself for the Republicans. Taking place in Detroit, the former administration colleagues under Obama were butting heads throughout the night, as the tension was palpable. Senator Cory Booker attacked Biden’s record on criminal justice while New York Major Bill de Blasio received harsh criticism from both protesters and Democratic rivals who not having fired the police officer that was accused of choking to death Eric Garner.

As the debate went on, attacks continued from all parts. Senator Kamala Harris of California was criticized for her health care plan. Once again, after being condemned for now focusing on how to take down President Donald Trump, they kept attacking one another throughout the debate. As Bernie Sanders pointed out in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, we should not attack our fellow candidates basing it on their personality traits.

What are the main takeaways from last night’s debate?

Last night of the 2nd democratic debate, who are the winners and losers
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First Biden who was attacked by all candidates on stage for his criminal justice record. When asked by Gillibrand why he op-ed the written opposing a childcare tax credit, he deflected the question and brought forward his role in the passage of the Violence Against Women Act. He was also criticized for the Obama-era deportations of undocumented immigrants. De Blasio expressed his opinion: ”We need someone who actually has guts on this issue” when looking at Biden and his implication or lack of implication in the outcome of the deportations.

Second, Gabbard attacked Harris on her reaction to marijuana smokers, explaining: There are too many examples to cite, but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.”

Thirds, in terms of the health care plan, Harris and Biden continued to have strong differences of opinion and clash when the topic was addressed on stage. Harris proposed a ”Medicare for All” proposal over ten years for all Americans enrolled in a program paid by the federal government. Biden laughed and said: ”Anytime someone tells you you’re going to get something good in 10 years, you should wonder why it’s going to take 10 years.”

Finally, one candidate was at the bottom of the polls since the beginning and had to find a way to stand out, Booker. To all surprises, Booker did deliver a commanding performance that made him one of the main candidates of the night without placing him in the target position, such as Biden who was attacked from all sides. He faced Biden and got the best of him during their exchanges on immigration, climate change, and criminal justice.

On the theme of climate change, he won the crowd when he said: ”Nobody should get applause for rejoining the Paris climate accord. That is kindergarten.” Another important topic he brought forward was the fact that they had lost the state of Michigan because ”everybody from Republicans to Russians was targeting the suppression of Africans American voters”.

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