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Super Tuesday 2020: Results Of Primary Election


Final Results Of Primary Election are accessible, after that 14 US states and one territory held nominating contests for the Democratic Party’s candidate for president on Super Tuesday 2020.

As Super Tuesday — the single biggest day of voting — came to a close, the candidates competed across 15 contests for a treasure chest of delegates, which were awarded across geographically and racially diverse parts of the country.

The stakes could not be higher as Democrats faced a significant turning point in the 2020 presidential race and were tested on a national scale.

Across 14 states — Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia — and one territory, American Samoa, 1,344 delegates were up for grabs. Final Results Of Primary Election in California are still being counted.

As the ballots closed on Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden won the primaries in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Texas and ended the night with the most delegates. Sen. Bernie Sanders came out on top in Colorado, Utah and his home state of Vermont.

Final Results Of Primary Election are accessible now

Above 1,300 delegates, approximately a third of the total, were at play, more than on any other day in the primary season.

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Ten days ago, Bernie Sanders was the frontrunner, Joe Biden’s campaign was seen as likely in free fall, and Mike Bloomberg was growing in the polls and seen as a potential savior of moderate Democrats. As Results Of Super Tuesday are releasing, Biden is undeniably back as a political force and a frontrunner, Bloomberg is a joke, and Elizabeth Warren has been relegated to the afterthought status.

Biden Or Barnie? Who is winner in this primary?

Biden finished second in the Nevada Caucuses Result, getting his legs under him, and then romped in the South Carolina primary just a few days ago. That set off a wave of consolidation and endorsements in his favor, but it was widely believed at the time that his surge might be coming too late. He had no time to raise money or run television ads in Super Tuesday states and had no real campaign infrastructure.

Results Of Primary Election shows Biden is back. Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar left the race, and both supported him.

It’s not obvious that either Bloomberg or Warren can continue for long. Sanders looks strong in the West and Southwest, Biden is dominant in the South, New England is divided, and final victory may hinge on states in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic that haven’t voted yet. But for now, here’s who won and who lost on Super Tuesday.

The total delegate haul is yet to be determined since many states have yet to fully report Final Results Of Primary Election. That includes California, the biggest state in the contest with 415 delegates, where Bernie Sanders is leading with just over a third of the vote counted.

Final Results Of Primary Election are accessible now

As of 2 a.m. ET Wednesday Biden won 342 on Super Tuesday, bringing his delegate total to 395. Sanders, meantime, so far won 245 delegates and is now at 305. Elizabeth Warren has gained only 13 delegates so far, giving her a total of 21.

Elizabeth Warren place changed

Mr. Sanders focused his primary-night remarks on attacking Mr. Biden’s record and fund-raising from large donors, stating, “you cannot beat Trump with the same old, same old kind of politics.” Mr. Biden hit back: “People are talking about a revolution, we started a movement,” saying his campaign better showed the country’s diversity.

As she tried to amass delegates, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts lost her home state. Addressing supporters in Detroit before polls closed, Ms. Warren dismissed concerns about electability, urging voters to “cast the vote that will make you proud.”

Mr. Bloomberg, speaking in West Palm Beach, Fla., indicated that he did not anticipate winning a large number of delegates tonight. He plans to huddle with aides tomorrow and decide his path forward in the race.

Mr. Biden’s victories have come on the strength of his support among black voters, older voters, and suburbanites, according to exit ballots. Mr. Sanders has dominated with younger voters and Latinos.

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