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Sanders Is The Most Liked Democratic Candidate


According to a new Gallup survey, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the most liked Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election. The survey was released on Friday and presents Sanders as the topmost liked candidate out of a list of ten candidates.

It was found that of those interviewed, 72% had a favorable view of Sanders. Former Vice-President, Joe Biden, came in close second rank with 69% of a favorable approval rate. This survey gives a perspective on the rate of likability of candidates which often directly impact the election outcome.

As for the eight other candidates, their results ranged in the 60% which is ultimately a positive thing as it reflects the opinion of those voting for the Democrats as a favorable one. Some factors to understand their ranking could be their lack of name recognition at this point in the game, or also no particular antipathy towards them.

For instance, for candidates such as Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, all three senators got a ”no opinion” rate of about 30%. What could this suggest? It could mean that a smaller public profile could lead to less enthusiasm on behalf of their public for this candidacy. This does not necessarily mean that these candidates are not viewed as apt if elected, just not as likable as other more popular candidates that bring out more emotions from the audience.

The one to have the highest unfavorable rating is NYC Mayor, Bull de Blasio, who against the other 9 candidates comes in last with a low rate of 30%. This poll was conducted following the first Democratic primary debates held at the end of June. Each televised debate can make or break a candidate and the Gallup survey was meant to see how the aftermath of the debates impacted the candidates’ popularity.

Sanders Is The Most Liked Democratic Candidate
Image: Politico

Following the first debate, it was noticed that for senator Harris and senator Warren, their profiles boosted and so did their likability rate after having offered strong performances. An interesting element that Gallup pointed out was that ”the only notable change has been a decline in Biden’s favorable score”, which was the only pattern observed at this point in the game.

Indeed, in February, Biden’s favorability was at a high 80% but it then kept dropping to 74% in April and now 69% in July. Could Biden change this pattern at this point? When working as the Vice-President for Barack Obama he was viewed very positively by the public. How could this be explained? Gallup argues that ”Biden remains among the best-liked candidates for Democrats and Democratic learners, but friction between him and some of the other Democratic candidates may explain why his rating among Democrats has dipped since February”.

On the other hand, for the Republican party, President Donald Trump’s favorability rate was at 45% among the general public. Generally speaking, the survey also points to the fact that 52% of the general public disapproved on him.

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