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The Second Democratic Debate Was Qualified as a ”Disaster”


The second Democratic debate was qualified as a ”disaster” for the party because candidates were spending more time attacking each other than the actual current President. Joe Scarborough who co-hosted the event said on Friday morning, following the televised debate, that he hoped viewers were not actually watching. He justified this by saying he felt this would give voters a negative image of the candidates representing the Democratic party.

His actual words were: ”with apologies to our friends watching, last night was a disaster for the Democratic Party” which he shared on NBC along with his co-hosts. Instead of fighting to beat Donald Trump, they ”all turn guns on each other and shoot each other” he further explained. What viewers could see on television were twelve candidates yelling at each other.

The Second Democratic Debate
Image: truthout.org

Joe even went on to qualify it of a ”clown show” and him having to resist not changing the channel if he could. One of the main candidates that disappointed according to him was former Vice President Joe Biden. Scarborough described him as ”off his game” and it being ”one of the more disturbing debate performances I have seen since Ronald Reagan’s first debate in 1984”.

The group of Democratic presidential candidates made false and even misleading claims on gun control legislation, the environment, immigration, and other subjects such as taxes and health care. For instance, Joe Biden falsely claimed that President Trump ”immediately discontinued” the Central America aid program when it was in fact reduced by 23% over the lapse of two years.

But if we are trying to keep score, then we could accuse all candidates of doing the same: making false claims, or twist the truth, generalize the statistics and take a statement out of context in their favor. It is something that is not new, has been profusely used by President Trump as well as all candidates before. Who are they then trying to fool? Well, most viewers only watch these televised debates to form an opinion, so it is actually the best tool one candidate can use.

Senator Harris condemned the fact that people are now working two or three jobs to make ends meet since Trump has been elected, when in fact the percentage of workers holding multiple jobs is 5%. Nonetheless, this statistic is based on those who declare all the jobs they hold, which is not the case for all the U.S. population.

Unanimously, President Trump was declared the ”worst president” by the Democrats, now the question in the upcoming debates remains whether to focus more on attacking the President, ignoring him or attacking Democrat opponents.


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