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2020 Presidential Election

who are next qualified Democratic candidates for debate?


who are next qualified Democratic candidates for debate? Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Kamala Harris, Which Democratic candidates will be able to beat Trump?

New polling shows that four top Democratic candidates would beat President Donald Trump if the election were held today. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris outstripped Trump in the Quinnipiac Poll.

President Trump hasn’t seen many good polls these days, but he might have just seen his worst of the 2020 election period.
A new Quinnipiac University poll has lots of bad news for Trump_ from his 2020 matchups with Democrats to his own personal vision, to his biggest asset in the 2020 race: the economy.

The poll tells him trailing all five Democrats tested by among nine and 16 points. He trails Joe Biden 54 to 38, Bernie Sanders 53 to 39, Elizabeth Warren 52 to 40, Kamala D. Harris 51 to 40 and Pete Buttigieg 49 to 40. These describe his biggest deficits to date against all five candidates, according to RealClearPolitics’s compilation of polls.

Next 1o qualified Democratic candidates September debate by the Wednesday deadline. ABC, the sponsoring network for the event, had now stated that would mean one night of debating, Sept. 12.

Two top candidates — the former vice president who is the front-runner, and the Massachusetts senator whose campaign has been gathering momentum — personify big choices Democrats face about what they stand for and how much difference will be needed if they remove President Trump.

Everyone’s looking at next qualified Democratic candidates

At last Democratic voters will get the face-off many have been waiting for: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren on the same presidential debate stage for the first time.

For many, Biden is the candidate of the head, with voters drawn not by enthusiasm, but by the view he is their most reliable bet to beat Trump. For others, Warren is the candidate of the heart, drawing thousands of chanting fans to rallies who shrug off doubts about her electability.

Next qualified Democratic candidates for debate
Image: National Review

With Warren growing firmly in polls to gain a place in the top tier of candidates — closing in on Biden and her rival on the party’s left, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont — many Democrats foresee a Warren-Biden hit at the end of the primary election way.

“Do Democrats want someone as radical — radical in a good sense — as Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposing a fundamental change or someone like Biden proposing normalcy or continuity,” claimed Robert Kuttner, following the author of a forthcoming book “The Stakes: 2020 and the Survival of American Democracy.”

Elaine Kamarck who is a member of the Democratic National Committee who has not supported any candidate told she thought Warren “is the one person in the race who could overtake Biden. I could see it going down to a two-person race.”

Democrats are a long way from that time. Biden still leads by double-digit margins in most polls. And it’s hard to know how Warren can succeed unless Sanders, who still ranks second in most polls, disappears.

“As other national polls of 2020 Democratic presidential race have been released this week, it is clear that the Monmouth University Poll published Monday is an outlier,” Patrick Murray, the director of the poll, said. “This is a product of the uncertainty that is inherent in the polling process.”

The poll, published Monday, presented Biden dropping 13 percentage points from the 32 percent he won in June in Monmouth’s earlier national poll for the Democratic nomination race. It showed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tied at 20 percent, with Biden at 19 percent.

In the following statement to Fox News, Murray stated, “We maintain confidence in the credibility of our polling methodology and, specifically, will continue to include these results as part of our trend line in tracking the 2020 Democratic race. We are simply acknowledging the context that these results are different from the polling average and as such should be considered in that context.

Forecast Trump’s situation

CNN poll suggests that at least about Trump’s race against ‘Joe Biden’ – the most well-known and likely Democrat candidate – conditions are the same as 2018, which means sentiment about Trump largely overwhelms voters. This is potentially a disaster for Trump.
Voter selection between Biden and Trump is almost entirely predictable with Trump’s approval rating.

Among those who approve of Trump, Trump is 92 % against 5%, and among those who disapprove, Biden is 95 % against 3%. The result is the same as many other polls: Biden is now ahead of Trump.

Trump cannot win the 2020 election with such a low approval rating. Trump needs to win the votes of many who disapprove of him. So far this has not happened. We also saw this paradigm in the 2018 midterm elections. House Democratic candidates got 90 percent of those who disapprove of Trump, while Republicans got 88 percent of those who endorse Trump.

Warren believes voters are broadly disappointed with the status quo too; Biden that they are most terrified of another Trump term.

There’s plenty of time, and polls aren’t predictive, but for now, it appears Trump is starting from behind.

With all these surveys and analyzes, no results can be accepted with certainty. For the moment, elections can be a bit of a surprise, just like a football match. we just should watch this match until the end of the match.

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