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Aircraft Carrier Sent To Middle East After Iran Planned Attacks Revealed


An air craft career was sent to the Middle East after so-called clear indications showed that Iran was planning on attacking U.S. forces. Following the threat, the United States ordered to deploy an aircraft carrier strike. In a statement released by John Bolton, national security adviser, he stated that ‘‘the United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime’’ but later on added that they are ‘‘fully prepared to respond to any attack’’.

U.S officials declared that these threats were real and that possible attacks against U.S forces were to be taken seriously on land in either Iraq or Syria. Defense secreaty, Shanahan, further added in his tweet that they called the Iranian regime to ‘‘cease all provocation’’ and that they ‘‘will hold the Iranian regime accountable for any attack on U.S. forces or our interests.’’

At any given time when these threats are received, the U.S. forces are prepared to do anything that they can to respond and make sure that they adopt the appropriate security posture.

These measures reasoned with the Trump administration and its goal to impose strict regulation on the Iranian government and by consequence population since last year. After withdrawing from the nuclear deal which was signed under the Obama administration, Iran has been under important isolation and strict economic and political restrictions.

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