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CNN White House correspondent Publishes Book the Enemy of the People


Jim Costa, a CNN White House correspondent publishes book “The Enemy of the People.”

Which relates controversial encounters with President Trump during his time covering at the White House.

Costa is known as the most visible reporter to cause an uproar with the president in their encounters during press time. He has often been called ‘‘rude’’ or a ‘‘terrible person’’ by Trump himself in his speeches.

For those supporting Trump, the right, he represents fakes news and deep media bias. On the other hand, to the left side, he is a symbol of resistance, linked to media pushback against Trump’s non-ending lies.

It takes a thick skin to be living in Costa’s skin as he faces on a daily basis abuse, insults, and threats, counteracted by praise and selfies from his ‘‘admirers’’.

The Enemy of the People
The Atlantic

In his book; The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America, Costa recounts his tales and encounters in the White House with the president.

In a famous confrontation with the president, Acosta describes how he refused to give the microphone to another reporter as they were in press briefing.

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Jim Costa ‘The Enemy of the People’ book

This famous scene made him lose his White House automatic access and was highly controversial. Fortunately, following a long legal battle, Costa’s right was restored. This is just one example of many other situations.

The purpose of this book is to shed light on another side of the story-one that does not receive perhaps as much media attention or support as it should.

The Enemy of the People is intended to show his side of the fight, but also one of the others battling on a daily basis inside the White House.

He uses an important metaphor: fighting fire with fire. This might indeed be the only strategy possible with Trump. Costa writes more like a reporter in the book.

As the book came to life, Costa also had to answer important questions of his time there: Do we absorb Trump’s attach or do we push back? What strategy works?

The Enemy of the People
Business Insider

Costa gave an interview with CBS over the weekend where he expressed the fact that there was danger in Trump’s rhetoric about journalists. While Trump painted the media as the opposition, as the anti-American, Costa wants to fight back this image.

His mission as a reporter is to inform the people and tell the truth. He is a proud American like so many others, and seeking, to tell the truth, should not make him less American.

One sentence that struck readers is the opposition between us and them which Trump thrived on during his campaign. So as Costa nicely puts it: ‘‘If they can do it, my thought was, why can’t we?”

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