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House Democrats took the first step to impeach Donald Trump


House Democrats took the first step to impeach Donald Trump and the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee voted this morning to establish parameters to impeach President Trump.

The move comes as Democrats in the US House of Representatives continue to dispute a single message about impeachment. Senior Democrats have continued to oppose Trump’s impeachment process but are moving ahead of the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee.

Many Democratic lawmakers in the 435-member U.S. House of Representatives stated that they support start to impeach President Donald Trump.

The whole stands at 135 lawmakers, a majority of House Democrats, that ranks a total of 235 members. That is short of the 218 votes required each to pass a decision allowing a formal impeachment inquiry or to support articles to impeach Donald Trump yet.

About two dozen Democrats joined the pro-impeachment ranks after congressional special counsel Robert Muller’s July 24 statement about his investigation into Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“Some call this process an impeachment, and some call it an impeachment investigation,” said George Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. “There is no legal dispute between the two, and we do not intend to discuss these terms.”

The resolution, described by Nadler as “the next necessary step”, allows Donald Trump and his lawyers to formally respond to evidence presented at the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee hearings.

The measure also preliminarily enacts a law allowing members of the House of Representatives to question witnesses at the end of each impeachment hearinG.

The push for impeachment has gained obvious support from politicians at the far-fringes of the Democratic Party, repeating the impeachment constituency’s indifference to any actual law being broken. Rep. Maxine Waters has made it her signature problem, going so far as to tell MSNBC’s Joy Reid that “I believe this president should be impeached. I don’t care what others say about ‘it’s too soon, we don’t know, we think.’”

Nadler’s committee voted to formally start to impeach Donald Trump.

As IJR earlier reported, Speaker Pelosi has been hesitant to openly support impeachment even though more than 100 members of her Democratic House conference support moving forward. The speaker has revealed that she believes the issue is too divisive for Democrats to pursue without having “all the facts.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation of President Donald Trump’s campaign received no sign of a criminal conspiracy with Russia and refused to continue on obstruction of justice.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler has pushed for more investigations yet, including an impeachment inquiry. As the IJR reported, the Nadler Committee voted Thursday morning and decided to officially begin impeaching Donald Trump.

As Democratic administrators and MSNBC reporters reveal their bafflement at…whatever this impeachment investigation is, it is becoming usually obvious that it’s not just the rank-and-file who are bothered by this unnecessary stunt: Leadership is annoyed and struggling to get on the same page.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi essentially asked reporters to stop questioning her about the problem, asking that they go bother Mitch McConnell about gun control instead.

They don’t want to talk about it because they know what the truth is. This is an awkward kabuki dance for their impeachment-minded base, which does not really cause any concrete steps in pursuit of the ‘i-word,’ in light of the broader public opinion.  As has been the case for months, Democrats desire to signal to their most intense, furious elements that they’re going to beat Trump, while concurrently giving cover to members who serve swing areas.

Following the adoption of this resolution, committee hearings are considered part of the impeachment investigation process, resulting in more rigorous interrogation of witnesses and faster investigations. Also, the House Judiciary Committee’s lawyers will be allowed to question witnesses for up to an hour after lawmakers have questioned them. This investigation may lead to Trump’s impeachment by the end of this year.

Committee meetings will focus on at least five of the issues raised in Robert Muller’s report. The committee will also address other issues beyond Muller’s report, including the president’s instruction to some witnesses to refuse to attend hearings and bribes to pornography actress Stephanie Clifford. If the impeachment is voted on in the House of Representatives, the matter will be referred to the Senate and two-thirds of the votes needed to oust the President in the Senate. The Republicans have a majority in the Senate and are opposed to ousting Trump.

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