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Senate Votes To End Support For Saudi War in Yemen


On Wednesday, the Senate voted to end U.S. support towards Saudi war in Yemen. This goes against Trump’s foreign policy loudly frown upon on the international scale. Trump has already threaten to veto this decision which raises many questions and concerns.

Bernie Sanders, who strongly opposes Trump, tweeted yesterday: ‘‘It is Congress who decides if and when the U.S. goes to war, not the president’’.  Many are in favor of this war coming to an end. The Saudi-led war, which has not been sufficiently mediatised, killed 85 000 children through starvation.

54 against 46 passed this resolution in favor of ending this money-making war. On the other side, those in favor argue that this war is necessary to fight extremism. Since the very beginning, Trump’s support for Saudi Arabia was an important point of tension with the Congress. Nonetheless, overall Trump’s foreign policy has been severely criticised his foreign policy.

Senator McConnell expressed his opinion on the matter saying that ‘‘the Yemen resolution will not enhance America’s diplomatic leverage’’.

This is the first time a significant step has been taken forward in ending support to the Saudi was in Yemen. Last December, the resolution was passed and voted against by the House which at the time was controlled by the Republicans.

Let’s not forget that this war has been going on for 5 years now and has received insufficient media attention for political reasons. By participating Senator Murphy affirms that ‘‘we are made weaker in the eyes of world’’. This slaughter of innocents has until now, no end in sight.  Bernie qualifies this participation in the Yemen war as ‘‘unconstitutional’’.

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