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The officer with the San Jose Police Department and a former San Jose State running back, Dejon Packer's cause of death is probably related to foul play
Charles Moose passed away at 68
Daytona Beach officer Jason Raynor's death came on Tuesday (August 17, 2021) a month after he was shot in the head
Delmar police officer has died from injuries
Police officer Eric Talley was killed in a mass shooting
Barbara Rickles' dearth cause was reported as non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Polic is Investigating If Chicago Police Officer Commit Suicide Today.
At least one police and one suspect killed in Las Cruces shooting
Sandra Hutchens died at the age of 66
In Concord Mills shooting at least one officer was killed and another was seriously injured
The Los Angeles Sergeant's Cause of Death finally revealed; COVID made them mourn.
DC police murdered by his wife in Waldorf
A man and his family were killed Tuesday following a shooting in Lanham
One officer and other person killed in a fatal crash in Commerce
Barre town police shot a woman and killed himself
A police-involved shooting in Myrtle Beach near Yaupon Drive caused a police officer Jacob Hancher killed
Cleveland officer shot and killed
A Lincoln officer shot and probably killed while trying to execute an arrest warrant
An off-duty correction officer shot and killed
A Kenosha police officer shot by a suspect, who is still in a large