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Burning The American Flag on Fire of Protesters’ Anger


Burning the American flag on fire of protesters’ anger began serious clashes between supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump in Beverly Hills as the president visited the West Coast to boost coffers for his 2020 re-election campaign.

A communist group started burning the American flag on fire near a Los Angeles hotel Tuesday in protest of Trump’s entry in the city, began a series of fights with pro-Trump counter-protesters.

All these widespread conflicts happened when Trump was visiting a nearby fundraiser hosted by area very estate developer Geoffrey Palmer, one of the Republican’s greatest donors. Based on Federal Election Commission data, Palmer has donated $3 million to the pro-Trump PAC “Rebuilding America Now.”

Riot police were expanded to deal with the violence and a huge baby blimp of the President crossed over Palo Alto as he met with rich Republicans to pick up funds for his 2020 re-election bid. Police forced to separate the pro-Trumps and anti-Trumps and detained some of the more violent members but did not capture anyone!

A video of Burning The American Flag

Video of this event shows protesters arranged by a political group named Refuse Fascism chanting “America was never great”. This is in response to Trump’s words and his election pledge that he said His motto for the upcoming election is to “keep America great.”

Trump said he was positive about repeating the slogan of the 2016 campaign and using the slogan “Make America Great Again” for the next round, but explained: We can’t say “Make America Great again”. , Because I’ve done it! also, protesters tried burning the American flag — until Trump supporters interrupt.

That refrain turned to “Humanity first!” as a rabble-rouser in the middle of the circle set Old Glory aflame.

At the end of the video, one counter-protester can be seen trying to interrupt the circle, as those forming its perimeter brace their arms against the intrusion.

One Trump supporter who wore a red “Keep America Great” hat and a black “MAGA” T-shirt told that he was hit by an anti-Trump protester.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” Harim Uzziel told the station. “I saw a scuffle in between. One of them came to the sidewalk and he started punching me and attacking me. I had a camera in each hand so I wasn’t able to defend myself.”

Another Trump supporter, Gregg Donovan, said he bought a $1,000 ticket for the president’s fundraiser but could not visit because the event was overbooked. He added his money would be returned, so he decided to show up to the Beverly Hills Hotel to show his backing for Trump.

Fight with protesters and supporters

Protesters and supporters always exist and fight for their beliefs. Even if you are the best president in history and keep America in the best possible shape, there are still those who shout that America has never been great.

And even if you act badly and ruin as a president, again, there will be those who support you and try to interrupt the circle of your protesters. The main story is about something else, something beyond the protesters and supporters, more valuable than elections and more powerful than the president.

the story is about homeland and patriotism.

burning the American flag near a Los Angeles hotel


Even if you are furious about your president, it makes no sense to burn the flag of your homeland to extinguish the fire of your anger. However, your country is your root and origin, and burning your country’s flag makes you look without authenticity. The protest is the right of every human being. Anyone can protest against what they believe is unfair and cruel.

But protesting has its way, and you can’t kill your father to argue with your son. You cannot override all your values ​​to make your protest sound.

Many lives have been sacrificed for each American flag and the long history lies behind it. So it doesn’t matter whether you are screaming in support of Trump or against him, RESPECT THE FLAG, IT STANDS FOR OUR FREEDOM.

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