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States Unveil Plans for US Coronavirus Reopening


New guidelines unveiled from the federal government, for the US coronavirus Reopening time.

Governors have rolled out plans to start considering methods into battling the US coronavirus outbreak. However, other officials maintain it’s still too early to decide.

Thursday evening, Donald Trump declared that he was leading America in a “historic battle against the invisible enemy.”

In the White House press briefing room, he said This was the “greatest national mobilization since world war two”.

Mr.president said the country was now ready to move to the next phase in the war against coronavirus. Now the US coronavirus deaths toll has stabilized a little.

It the time, he declared, “to open up. America wants to be open, and Americans want to be open”.

In Florida, residents flocked to Jacksonville beaches following officials declared a soft opening Friday night. This allows for recreational actions for several hours each day.

New guidelines unveiled from the federal government, for the US coronavirus Reopening time.
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Texas and Minnesota state leaders declared they’d be bringing some of the standards in the coming days. It’s still compelling citizens to keep a distance and avoid big crowds.

However, some health experts and medical groups have warned the US is still behind in its testing capacity. This is a significant element in the process of a country’s reopening.

the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington (IHME), where the model was created, declared in a news statement.

CDC: US Coronavirus Second Wave is Possibly Worse Outbreak

Plans for Reopening US amid coronavirus

“Actual decisions by states to relax social distancing should be informed by meeting critical metrics closer to these dates, including a very low number of estimated infections in the community, less than one estimated infection per 1 million people,”

Montana, still reporting the lowest coronavirus case numbers in the country, maintains it’s not still ready for reopening.

“Even the gating criteria (of two straight weeks with new cases slowing down) that the president put out yesterday — we haven’t met those criteria,” Gov. Steve Bullock stated on Friday.

“If you look at the past three days you could argue that we are past the plateau and we’re starting to descend, which would be very good news,” Cuomo stated.

About 1,915 people are reported to be COVID-19 positive, hospital announced. At least 540 people died Friday, Cuomo declared.

That is still an “overwhelming number, We’re not at the plateau anymore but we’re still not in a good position.” he declared.

Cuomo said, because it is “how you monitor the rate of infection,” and testing “informs the calibration.”

The state has performed 500,000 tests in a month, however, that is “only a fraction of what you need,” Cuomo said. “The more you test the more information the more you can reopen society.”

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US still behind on testing, expert announce

Specialists said that one of the major definitive factors behind governors’ arrangements for reopening their economies should be testing, and medical experts proceed to maintain the country is behind.

Vice President Mike Pence announced on Friday the White House coronavirus responsibility force thinks that the US has the testing capacity for states to begin easing their measures.

Now the first of three phases in the federal guide amid the coronavirus is of reopening the US.

Dr. Tom Frieden, the ex-director of the US CDC, states the country’s current number of handled tests, less than 150,000 a day, are not almost sufficient.

“If we were just testing the highest priority people and nobody else, we’d need about three times as many tests,” Frieden said. However, as the US is testing lower preference people as well, the country would need 10 to 20 times more tests than that, Frieden announced.

And earlier this week, the Association of American Medical Colleges posted a letter to the government’s task force speaking labs are facing severe deficits.

“Laboratories across the country are working day and night to expand testing capacity but are severely hampered by shortages of needed reagents, swabs for testing, PPE, and specialized equipment designed by companies to be used with their own machines,” it stated.

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