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Suicide Attack Near US Embassy In Tunisia, Attacker dead


A suicide bomber on a motorcycle has set off a blast targeted the US embassy in Tunisia on Friday, causing a large explosion and injuries among police, according to the police.

Police announce the assailant attempted to enter the US Embassy in Tunisia however was prevented by police who guarded the diplomatic mission in the Berges du Lac district.

Nevertheless, Tunisia’s interior ministry only confirmed a loud explosion has been heard outside the United States embassy in the Tunisian capital Tunis but did not give additional details.

Also, Witnesses stated a man on a motorbike blew himself up near the diplomatic mission in the Berges du Lac district, causing panic among pedestrians at the site. Photos shared on local news websites showed damaged vehicles on the road outside the US embassy.

Police taped off the area nearby the blast site, which was littered with debris. The US flag could be seen fluttering in the background of a video published by Associated Press.

The US embassy in Tunis announced emergency personnel was reacting to the explosion.

many police were injured in the attack, the police continued, without giving further details. They did not immediately confirm if it was a suicide attack, but body parts were seen strewn on the ground at the scene.

There were conflicting reports that two attackers had carried out the bombing. Two people had gone to the police patrol as if to seek information before detonating an explosive device.

A helicopter whirled overhead and large numbers of police and forensics officers gathered at the scene.

However, the explosion caused panic among pedestrians near the embassy, images shared online showed.

‘We heard a very powerful explosion… we saw the remains of the terrorist lying on the ground after he went on the motorbike towards the police, some of whom were wounded,’ said Amira, a shopkeeper in the area.

Growth of jihadist activity In Tunisia

Tunisia faced a growth in jihadist activity after its 2011 revolution, with attacks killing dozens of security personnel, civilians and foreign tourists.

An attacker set off a explosion targeted the US embassy in Tunisia

Dozens of people have been killed in attacks by Islamic extremists in Tunisia, notably in 2015 when the Bardo Museum outside the capital and a luxury beach hotel were attacked.

Nevertheless, the US embassy, in a residential area on the outskirts of Tunis, was attacked in 2012 by crowds angered by an anti-Muslim film produced in the US.

Last summer, ISIL (ISIS) announced it was behind three explosions in the capital, including one near the French embassy that killed a policeman and another that injured five people throughout a security operation to detain a suspect.

While the security situation has significantly improved since a series of deadly attacks in 2015, Tunisia has maintained a state of emergency for four years and assaults against security forces have persisted.

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